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Credits: Droid ([link]) by :iconlassekongo83: A very nice Ubuntu skin that you should try ;)


* A BIG UPDATE HERE: [link] *


Hi :D I'm back after a very long time since Color.WOOD ^^~

All things you need (include icons, start orb . . .) are in the pack, just download and read 'how to.txt' CAREFULLY!

Hope you like it ^^~

Tks :iconpk1st: for his help and 7.8 for the name 'x'~

and Tks all my watchers

NO BUG ANYMORE =))) tks :icongroove69: for his explorerframe x64


Dvkndn from Vietnam
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Finally an awesome-looking green VS :) Thanks and congrats!
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please the wallpaper
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dvkndn deviantID:
"It's not my work. It's my life "

You are,little hero!xD
I love people like you!
....btw...i really need know,the steps for the creating this... i'm very curious on how to do that :D
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really grateful for your comment ^^~

I'm on my way to finding a scholarship in a suitable school, in order to . . continue my life ^^~ (detail at another deviation: [link]) and your comment really makes me feel better and more confident!

Thank you.

And about your question, about the steps, it's a very long story ^^~ but the first step is begin with something you really really like, and you will see what to do next ~
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before installing, how could I uninstall it someday if needed?
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thank you ! my computer looks BOSS >.<
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very nice thx bud
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Nice !! Can u share the icons u use in windows explorer ??

My gallerry | My Profile
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projects icon
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Thanks !! I searched on deviantART and I found them !!

My gallerry | My Profile
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I found that your theme was nicely done and featured it here:


* This theme doesn't work well on a small taskbar
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oh yes :D so sorry
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It is probably one of the few unique themes on here but it has some slight graphical bugs (like the diagonal line on the taskbar don't match up). I use 64-bit W7 Home Premium and the lines by the start button goes diagonally up, the lines where the programs are goes diagonally down and the lines in the notifications section at the end goes diagonally up. I also can't properly see which programs are open and have to slide the mouse across to see. Nice graphics for the sliders, check boxes, close buttons etc.
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Oh, you should try the Emerald v2 Full pack in my gallery :d
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Great theme.
But the windows' shadows are too strong and take a lote of space.
I suggest that you reduce the shadows ;)
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Tks ;) I'll check this
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Cool !
Tell us when the theme will be updated ;)
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Mee enamore de este theme...

MEGALIKE!!:dance: :squee:
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