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Colorful for Windows 7

UPDATE 2/2010

Dear all who care about this skin pack!

My warmest thanks for your interest and love for my colorful skin pack. This makes me very happy.

And because the love of your interest for my skin, I am very sad to have to announce that the skin pack does not appear in January 2010 as I promised ..

Reason for this, because I'm very busy at this time, so I can not spend all the excitement for this skinpack ...

But this does not mean I will end this whole skin. I will continue to perform in another time, and more beautiful, better, and certainly more.

Again, I thank you for favorite skin, and sorry for the disappointment. Hope that you will ignore and continue for attention to my next skins



Just a Demo of my new Windows Blind 7 skin for windows ^^

Hope you like it ^^

(Rk Launcher and Windows Icon is Yoritsuki by HYBRIDWORKS ^^ Thanks a lot ^^)

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beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks
D351GN's avatar
wow! So When Can I download this skin..?? Pls in4m me me when U r done & send the download link!
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Oh, just go to my gallery :D I've done for a long time, and so much skin better in my gallery ^^~
luckyluu's avatar
Great job man! Đẹp quá bạn tháng 6 rồi có linke down chưa vậy
dvkndn's avatar
Bạn kiểm tra lại gallery của mình đi :D tớ public cái skin này lâu lắm rùi, có bản cho WB và VS luôn, có thêm bản Color.COOL nữa
luckyluu's avatar
hì hì, thử rùi, đẹp quá, thks bạn nhiều.
dvkndn's avatar
ko có chi ^^~ Thử luôn mấy skin khác trong gallery mình đi pợn :D cái này là cái đầu tiên nên còn nhìu khuyết điểm
luckyluu's avatar
Thử rồi bạn. Bạn làm mấy nút close,max, min bé quá
deadPxl's avatar
perfect work!! :+fav:
dvkndn's avatar
aqchin's avatar
nice color,it's great,can't waiting
dvkndn's avatar
thanks a lot ^^
Thanhtai2009's avatar
pretty good, chừng nào ra lò đây???
dvkndn's avatar
hix, (vi?t ? trên bài ??u í :D) là ?ang t?m d?ng vô th?i h?n ^^~

ps. chìu m?i ?i mua cái card màn hình :D có aero rùi, ch?c s?p làm l?i thui
dvkndn's avatar
I'm working hard to get money to buy a new Video Card so I could use Aero and continue this ^^~ [I don't have a video card now :( so I couldn't do anything with Windows Basic :((]
glfire's avatar
hm 10 february ? where skin?
dvkndn's avatar
I'm so sorry :( you can read the Artist's comment again :) and I hope you understand me
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:(( I have a big problem with the PSD files :(( It's not working :(( I must do it again :((

But, it's better ^^ and I hope it will release soon, in this Jan ^^
LOL , it is jan 2010 why not release it?
earlylove's avatar
Those are my fav colors !
I want it , now !
lol .
Can´t wait !
dvkndn's avatar
I will send final version of this (when release) for those who add this to favorites ^^
BoyVip007's avatar
ây zà , pác này bên dhvn và windowsvn đây mà
:smoking:.Theme đẹ;p lắm pác
dvkndn's avatar
^^ Thanh kìu ^^ lâu rồi ko vào dohoavn, dạo này toàn hoạt động về customization không, mà dhvn ko thấy :D
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