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Color.WOOD for windows 7

Please read the image above and the 'Tut.png' image in RAR File CAREFULLY ^^~ All you need to know are in those images

Icons link: [link]

Orbs link: [link]

Should use Blank font and TBarIconBlanker to hide Caption text and icon on caption bar

Wallpaper: [link] by :iconnitzua19:

Thanks :iconoliuss: ([link]) for the best wood images
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Có bản nào cho w8.1 hay w10 khong bồ tèo ơi ^^
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can u tell me how i insttale it??
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Có bản taskbar nhỏ ko bác, màn hình em có 17' nên taskbar to nó chiếm hết màn hình mất rồi :(
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it works perfectly for to make it work install =>UniversalThemePatcher_20090409 all the 3 patch in it then this wood will start to work..
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Cho mình xin link icon Drives đi bạn ơi. Mình tìm không thấy
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Aaaawwwnn!! It's so cute! I love it :D
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very cool theme...
but If I pinn items to the taskbar and click on them there is still that annoying orange (firefox icon) or yellow (explorer) glow effct.
Normal not pinned Icons, don't show these effect because there is a layer above this glow.
But the glow that appears if ih click on a pinned item is on top of all layers.

Is there any solution ?
I hate this glow effect^^
(If I create a layer for pinned Items Windows ignore this and don't show it o.o)
so amazing ,I love it very much! But something bothers me is that I can't distinguish whether the program locked to the taskbar is opened or not.
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can I use it for my Wood OS VS ?
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no problem, but you should contact me by sending a note instead of comment like this, cause I don't often read comment ^^~
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Hello my friend! I'm currently making my new vs. The name is WoodenMetal. Can I use this vs as my "based vs"? Thanks in advance. :D
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No problem ^^~ Waiting to see your vs ;)
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Thanks! here's the progress so far (explorer is almost finished) [link] It's a concept of [link]
I'm now on startmenu and taskbar. ;)
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Oh it's nice ^^~ Good luck
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fuckin awesome
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this theme is amazing... i love it.
I love this theme, thanks!

can you tell me how to change the orb? :)
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use windows 7 start orb changer (find on dA)
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how to fix this bug? [link]
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Right clik ~> uncheck Lock taskbar

Then drag and drop the separators to align them to center like the preview image :D
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