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Color.COOL FINAL Version

Updated 18.7.2010

Like this? Oh.. I released COLOR.COOL VERSION 2! With all bugs fixed and NEW IMPRESSIVE INNOVATIONS! Let's view and download:




Because today, the Author of this wallpaper write a note to reply me, that he NOT ALLOW me using his wallpaper in my skin :(

So sad.. But I respect him. I'll remove the wallpaper soon, so..

If you have an appropriate wallpaper, yours or someone's, please comment! ^^~



- Fix the black addressbar in IE
- Fix the VERY BIG AND WIDE menu in FF (not the same as normal, but now it smaller :D)
- Add glow and new font style and black color for the CLOCK!
- Startmenu now like the windows frame!

Just download and replace the old files to feel the changes!


The Final version of the COOL SKIN ^^~

Read on the image for what's new!

All comments are welcome ^^~ and if you like this, add it to your favorites and be my watcher to be notified about my new cool skins like this!

I'm very happy to be friend with all of you! My Live ID is and Yahoo!ID:


Thanks for:


Wallpaper || icons || explorerframe.dll || explorer background || software to remove icon on titlebar

(lots of people help me ^^~ I love 'em :"> and I love you too if you like this!)
© 2010 - 2021 dvkndn
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Nastavi da čitaš ili ćeš umreti za 7 dana.Jednog dana mala Corine vudela ja na fejsu ovaj tekst,pročitala je,ali nije obraćala pažnju.Kad je bio 6.dan noću legla je.Sutradan je njena mama došla da je probudi jer je morala u školu samo je vrisnula Corine je bila mrtva.Pošalji ovo na 15 komentara i živećeš.

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Was the starbar and taskbar not changing ever solved? I cant seem to get over that
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bạn cho mình cái link wallpaper vs @dvkndn
hàng Việt Nam hả bạn?
dvkndn's avatar
ừa :x nhưng hồi đó chất lượng chưa cao :-s skin này mình làm lâu lắm ròi . .
ừm, nhưng nhìn vẫn thấy đẹp :D
Why it doesnt change my start button and bar? I have the same like in normal them :-(
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My favourite theme so far!!!!! Great job. :woohoo:
can i use it in window vista?? i love it!
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I don't think so :( so sorry
this is so awesome. >.> wish i could use it.
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it's very good
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Like this: [link] In this shot there's centered explorer icons.
NuclearBlasshole's avatar
How did you managed to align to grid your icons in your explorer window?? And is it possible to center those icons??
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Right Click ~> View ~> (uncheck) Auto arrange
NuclearBlasshole's avatar
Ok, that's not possible in windows 7, only in desktop there's auto arrange, not in windows 7 explorer
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how can i installd
dvkndn's avatar
1. find my latest skin (color.wood), there are tuts inside :D
2. find the help on above comments, someone ask before
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Awesome skin, cant seem to get the task bar replaced though :(
sharkurban's avatar
OUahouuuu, Very good, Great Theme for Win 7 !!
Thanks for us to create and share it !!
From Madagascar
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