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CatDo . The redSand


Cat do 2 preview!!!! [link]


Ok it's here >:D< Just Enjoy the skin ^^~ (After read the text file carefully!)

Only 2MB and no need to replace any file :D Download it and start using now!

In my preview

projects icon [link] by ~bogo-d
wood background [link] by *BSA-Danny


All comments and sharing are very welcome ^^~

just say what you want, they'll be here in the next update!
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thx :=======================0000000000

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Nastavi da čitaš ili ćeš umreti za 7 dana.Jednog dana mala Corine vudela ja na fejsu ovaj tekst,pročitala je,ali nije obraćala pažnju.Kad je bio 6.dan noću legla je.Sutradan je njena mama došla da je probudi jer je morala u školu samo je vrisnula Corine je bila mrtva.Pošalji ovo na 15 komentara i živećeš.

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can u please tell me if i can get the ribbon back in my windows 7 while using this theme as well? amazing theme btw :)
am trying to install the custom themes, but its not changing the icons.i check the box
"allow themes to change icons" still its not working.what to do???
Idk if this still relevant, anyway. It's not gonna change icons. The icons are a different aspect. This is just a Visual Style for Windows. Author credited bodo-d for icons, here they are.
tytung's avatar matter how many times I try, the aero blur won't go away. Is it because I'm on a 64x system?
Idk if this still relevant, anyway. There's a tool named Windows 7 Aero Blur Tweaker. It may help, try it. Find it on Google, it's made by door2windows.
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Long... Nice and this is what am talking about... hope all the little bugs has been fixed! 
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Not Designed for 64bit? some of it works but i get a lot of error-looking things with it
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I'd love to see some more pics of this gorgeous theme! : )
Dep qua ban oi, phat huy ban nhe :)
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Is this available for 64 bit systems? :la:
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I like. =D

BTW, do you speak Viet? =?
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Yes of course, I'm living in Vietnam :D
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Oww, I would download if the color scheme was more into sky/liht blue and light green , rather than orange and red.
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you obviously didn't make this for x64, the whole UI is messed up.
nice work
can you help me !
I do all step and no change in my style
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dkkndn, I have an idea for you!

I'm pretty sure that the theme like this one will be awesome with white and blue colors (simply the same theme, but blue instead of red/orange and white instead of dark).

You could implement this idea in the similar theme but for Windows 8 for example ;)
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please add an option to enable address bars in explorer! then it will be complete!!! :D
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Very sad that it doesn't work with IE9... It could be my favorite theme...
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