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July 20, 2013
CatDo 2: Final by ~dvkndn
Featured by fediaFedia
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CatDo 2: Final

Here you are, not a screenshot or concept any more, but the real CatDo 2 theme for download.

How to:


Some words about CatDo 2

About 3 years ago, I published my first skin on DeviantArt. It's 'Colorful' (, a WindowsBlind 7 skin.

In just the next year, I released 6 visual styles for Windows 7. One of them got DD and all of them were viewed about 900,000 times, added to nearly 4,000 deviant's favourites or collections and over 300,000 downloads were made. What a crazy year! And at the end of these young days, two year ago, I released 'CatDo', or you may call 'the Red Sand' ( It's a nice one. Really. It even makes me so much excited that I promised 'There will be CatDo 2'. Something even much better than 'CatDo'.

Then, two years passed. Nothing out but screenshots and concepts. I was failed. I didn't know how hard these two year was. The last year of high school and the first year in university. There are so much things happen. Study and work. I dont do customization anymore. I still remembered the promise but I almost thought that it was just some momentary words. I got no time. No plan for 'CatDo 2' at all.

But what? People still remind me. Via comments and notes, they still ask about 'CatDo 2'. They all ask when do I release it, do I have a plan for it. They said they're waiting, they love 'CatDo'. Some of them even offer me if I need any help. Yes, until recent days. Thank you, guys.

That's why I'm here again. I came back to the customization world for the last time, to keep my two-yea- ago promise. Here you are, not a screenshot or concept any more, but the real CatDo 2 theme for download. It comes with my special gift: all the tricks to turn your desktop into something new, extraordinary. Something impressive you and your friends. Something completely changes the way you think about Windows.

Something like.. 'CatDo 2'.


Goodbye and Thank you!
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8000860's avatar
I thought I've seen your plans about CatDo for Windows 10 somewhere, but can't find now. Maybe that was only my imagination or dream?
dvkndn's avatar
Oh my god :)) thank you for that information. The truth is, after CatDo 2 (for Windows 8, using Window Blind), I switched to a Mac and no longer had a PC nor working on customization :D

So.. sorry. Maybe you saw someone trying to port it. In that case, I'll be very happy to help anyone who want to port it or just need the design source files.
tytung's avatar
Gorgeous...I hope there'll be a Win 7 version of this ><
dvkndn's avatar
Find in my gallery :D Win 7 version released over 1 or 2 years ago!
khatmau's avatar
1 cái tên rất lạ: "Cái đỏ" - biết ngay hàng việt nam :D Thank for sharing!
dvkndn's avatar
"Cát Đỏ" bạn ơi :D
khatmau's avatar
Sr Biết là Cát đỏ mà lỡ tay gửi tn rồi không edit được :D
greyhndz's avatar
Welcome back is an understatement! Fantastic!
LenNemo's avatar
Việt Nam vô địch :D
UzumakiAry's avatar
how to install the theme?
thebebe809's avatar
i love this theme, thanks.
supernash0303's avatar
This theme is fantastic, well done :D
~ got one problem, could you tell me how to hide the folderband? in your shots, it's hidden. I tried to hack the shellstyle.dll file which i ever did on win7, but it didn't work. please help me...
supernash0303's avatar
:D   lol problem solved.
btw could you send me the lastest psd file ?  I wanna remodel it for fun. Thankyou..
Asdfghjklove12's avatar
Help me to customize this. Plss. It's so hard for me. Beginner. :((
Thegame1615's avatar
one for windows 7 please , it is amazing
dvkndn's avatar
People are porting..
Rachid7Hmid's avatar
i want a one for windows 7 ^^
dvkndn's avatar
Please wait :D several people are porting :D
tytung's avatar
how's the porting? several months now... :(
Rachid7Hmid's avatar
CHiDH's avatar
Bạn có thể cho mình xin chút thông tin về bạn được không?
Mình có thể xem các tác phẩm của bạn ở đâu? Có thể theo dõi bạn qua kênh nào?
Cực kì ấn tượng.
CÁT ĐỎ 2 <3
dvkndn's avatar
Về thiết kế giao diện thì bạn có thể theo dõi qua dA của mình (hình như bạn đã watch mình rồi thì phải?)

Về thông tin và thiết kế nói chung thì bạn có thể theo dõi qua FB của mình :D (
Agathon's avatar
great job here. any chance to see this ported to windows 7?

dvkndn's avatar
Yes of course. Some people are porting this into VS for windows 7 and 8
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