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September 4, 2010
~dvkndn has created this visual style to wrap your windows7 in a unique and refreshingly new flavor: Auxo for Summer. Try it now!!
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Auxo for Summer. Try it now

Update 6.8.2010

FONT FOR THIS SKIN: [link] (Century gothic and Blank font - the second font make the caption text on titlebar disappear!)

Recommended to use GDI ++ to make the font better by bolding them

Update 4.8.2010 x64 explorer frame - icons - full description coming!

:iconjaychou1811: First idea of all
:iconkatz93: (some parts from his skin :D)
:iconlionize11: (tester)
:iconcu88: (basic version)
:iconpk1st: (idea)
:iconyoyoer: (idea)

Recommended: Pixel icon at [link] by :iconaxisan:

Orginal Dock Image for my taskbar at [link] by :iconominousshadows:

* Basic version by cu88 coming tomorrow!


I promise I will write a full description on tomorrow morning, but now I must go to bed because I was so sleepy =.=

I promise to write about all those who have helped me to did this skin tomorrow!

Now please just download and install like any normal skin. (if you have trouble, please read the txt file in the pack!)

Now in the pack: wallpaper, theme files, start orbs, explorer frame x86

(X64 Explorer frame, Icons link will be added tomorrow)

Thanks for trying!

I'm sleeping..
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jessicak0270's avatar
this theme is so cute <3 Thanks 
en que parte esta el link para descargarlo no lo encuentro alguien podria ayudarme
phamdinhvutien's avatar
Bạn chỉ mình cụ thể cái dock trong taskbar trong theme Auxo for summer với, Mình không rõ cách chỉnh cho dock nằm giữa ( làm theo file notepad How to....txt vẫn không canh chỉnh seperator cạnh trái được. Cho mình xin link icon các folder trong thư viện Library trong hình nữa. Khuyến mãi nhiều icon folder tương tự càng tốt. Thanks bạn !
omiking44's avatar
how to insTALL ????????? PLS TELL ME
Dude, u are brilliantly awesome.
Can i get a list of themes with completely changed taskbar design?? Thanks
Miyaspathi's avatar
Hey, I don't know why but my explorer frame got cut in the half... The left side is good but on the right side it turns reddish somehow and make the 'close' , 'minimize' and 'restore' look blurry. I love this theme btw, totally awesome and cute, just hope the weird half will be fixed tho. I just don't know how.
Miyaspathi's avatar
Skay, I fixed it now. -______________-
Mortredo's avatar
dude you are F*cking awesome !
please give instruction how to change the view of taskbar and the dock...or all instruction [link]
PyxieFace's avatar
Okay so I absolutely love this.

However --- the frames/borders whatever you've got around the windows in yours refuse to work on my end. I'm 99% positive I'm doing it wrong :(

Any help?
PyxieFace's avatar
Nevermind. I Fixed It! ^_^
Anonymiza's avatar
This is absolutely awesome!
Just one TINY thing (personal preference really), is it possible to rid of that dock thing? (i know how to use it, but to get rid of it?)
dvkndn's avatar
uhm . . in this skin: no ++ so sorry
Anonymiza's avatar
Oh okay, cool theme still :]
KingGaba's avatar
where can i get your folder icons and what cursor are you using and what sounds?
blackboy993's avatar
wow..the taskbar make me drive crazy
zlfortune's avatar
really creative
i can sence the spire within it.
pls keep surprising us!
dvkndn's avatar
amir57's avatar
lol thanks a lot o love this theme :D
dvkndn's avatar
you're welcome
such a cute theme!!~i'm using it right now, it might hv some display issues w/ microsoft 2007 but works fine w/ office 2010 ^.^
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