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New OC - Vixie

By DVixie
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So I've had many "Vixie" OCs in the past but none ever really stuck with me, so I decided to make myself a new oc, a completely self indulgent character that was just completely satisfying to draw and I gotta say I really love this new design! This is Vixie who I guess would be representing me if I was to ever draw myself (really makes me miss my pink hair IRL). Black and pink are my favourite colours and they're such a good combo for a cutesy magical girl that loves heavy rock music lol (totally me). Her design is inspired by some of my favourite magical girl animes, her hair being like Doremi from Ojamajo Doremi, her wings and outfit similar to Sakura in Cardcaptor Sakura and also Sailor Moon.

I've also included my red panda Pixie! I honestly didn't know what to do with Pixie, she was my previous mascot but idk. I just didn't know what to do with her. So when I made Vixie, I decided Pixie could be her little companion. So that's what she'll be!

I'm looking forward to drawing more Vixie in the future! :D
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Lovin the pink/black colors!

Such a good design

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OMG!!! I love her!!! :love: :heart: :happybounce:

And I'm really happy you found a character you could really dive deep into and fully enjoy! :clap:

It is important to indulge yourself every now and then when it comes to art. :D

Amazing work, as always! Your human art in my opinion really surpasses your pony art!

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She's adorable. I love those little wings. I love all those magical girls too, so it makes me love her more.

Also, with the softer, more charcoal shade, the light pink really works (I don't feel it would work if it were a pure black). On the subject of the outfit, honestly, I like how simple it is, the shoes, wings and brooch just gives it that original touch.

Jeremy-The-Guy's avatar

What an adorable critter 😊

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Well done! It’s always fun to create.. for the fun of it... haha

Cute design, and there is never enough Pixie :D

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Adorable! Love her design

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Magical Girl Vixie and her Red Panda companion Pixie. 💙

I really adore the design and the inclusion of Pixie as a companion.

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Awwwww, she's absolutely adorable :love:

VanessaKo's avatar

Oh wooow she is beautiful... Like her style... Love black and pink

HaraaJubilee's avatar

Vixie and Pixie are so precious :love: Vixie's outfit is just adorable and gorgeous!!!!

DAW ;n; hopefully you'll be able to have pink hair again :tighthug: since the color is love so much. I guess it's just coming from someone with green hair ; it really sweet to see someone pick an unnatural hair color to be close to :heart:

Definitely luv to draw these two in the future, if it's alright :la:

DVixie's avatar
Ooh you're more than welcome to draw them if you ever want to!! :D I know it would make my day hehe
Aaa also yes I'd love to go back to having pink hair one day, maybe when I can visit the hairdressers again! 🙏
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That is absolutely adorbz <3<3<3

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