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Library Girl

By DVixie
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I started this first day of the year and thought I'd finish it up today. It's my OC Reina in her natural habitat... :3c

Also been practicing with backgrounds, spent a while on this one (curse drawing books...) It's referenced from the library in Genshin Impact which i thought was really beautiful when I first saw it. :D


Note: Reina is my character and belongs to me, please do not steal her or use her for roleplay. Thank you.

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Libraries are a really good environment, especially the sort that Reina is in here. The smell of wood and paper, the tranquility...

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I want to try changing the lyrics to some song for her, but nothing's been gelling right now. And I've been trying since it was posted. Sorry... =^.^=

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cute and adorable

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Wow. She is beautiful 😍
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I'm so jealous of your background drawing skills. But other than that, I love the warm feel of this. It's super relaxing. And if your oc were a real person, I'd actually try asking her out. lol

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it looks like a screenshot from some trailer of incomming animated movie like Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron or something simillar, fantastic artwork! Clearly visible ages of skillGain

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Such a cozy atmosphere

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A very lovely picture you've made here 😊

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Once again beautiful work!!! You're human art is getting better and better. I think it's even better than your pony art.

Despite being an OC, I am getting some real "Hermione" vibes here :D

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*Insert Disney singing here*

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Not in the library.

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So pretty and she just looks so happy to be surrounded by books.

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This is super pretty !

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So cute the library girl.

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