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Dark Art basics - Tutorial




Here it is. My very first tutorial. After I decided to make a tutorial, I first thought it would be based on some of my previous works. However, I think this will be more useful. I tried to build some kind of combination between easy understandable and yet not too simple. Still you are very free to ask if there is something you don’t understand.
Also, if you want the PSD-file of the result, just let me know and I’ll upload it somewhere.

Cause I am not native speaker of English, there are probably some mistakes in language, sorry for that.

Stock used in tutorial (with permission):
To be more specific: [link]

Textures used in tutorial:
To be more specific: [link] [link] and [link]

Photoshop is the program this is produced by. I don’t know so much about other programs but if there are equivalent tools, feel free to try. In addition to it, as you can see, all you need is some textures and a stock photo. No specific brushes, no plug-ins, just you and your imagination.

Hope this can help at least somebody or even kindle somebody’s interest into this spectacular art form.

And if you use this, please let me know. I’d be interested to see your result.

As always, feedback appreciated.


<E> It seems I can't add a preview image for this anymore (I had one before I updated the tutorial)... if anyone knows whether it's possible or not, let me know...
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