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clean business card psd temple

hello gyes .... this is my created business card templet.this one is totally CMYK color format based.hope you gyes will enjoy it.

plz download the font first,from from= [link]

install it then use the PSD file...

plz comment & evaluate...
plz tell me what to improve more......

thank you
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luv this, great work
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nice card........
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i think it looks normal. i like the colors
the font is really cool
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I wanna add to my site :) [link] to inspirations :)
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ok ... no problem...... i am going to submit some more business cards soon ,... so u can comeback soon..
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Pretty Good My friend! ;) just remove the STROKE in jhon :)
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thanks.... hope youll come back soon to visit and critict more....
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nice work, and fresh colors. :)
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thanks ...plz come back for more soon...
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Nicely done! I like the yellow and black :D And the font is pretty cool, we need more business cards with interesting fonts (not always Helvetica).

But I personally would do this:

Make it two colours maximum, keep it just yellow and black, get rid of the bars on the top and bottom, and get rid of the texture.

And then print it off onto quality paper (something textured, matte, or even glossy photo paper). And then take a macro photo of it and upload it on DA (or your portfolio site etc).

Keep up the design though, and keep practicing, you'll improve. Also look at other Graphic Designers and see how they do graphics etc. :D
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thank you so much for the advice ... i really needed it./..... with the advices and the tips of you gyes ill become a great designer in no time.... really thanks.... ill be uploading another busines card soon... ill post u the link .... ill be expecting you to comment on that too..

again thanks...
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Sure thing. Though I'm not a professional graphic designer. I don't have the qualifications yet. I'd like to think I am though :D
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ok if i need any suggestion or checking out , ill be asking you..ok??
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No problem. I'd be happy to help out.
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ok then ill be asking u for more more criticism soon.. any prob ??
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ok hey man ... check thisone out and comment me and evaluate it[link]
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hey ... what r those numbers???
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ah is some numbers that deviantart give to you... is like a ID number
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