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Metal Business cards

i was sitting infront of my mac. so i thought of making it.
its a clean print ready business cards. u can use it for any perpose..


dont copy...

if you use it then link me back

if you print it then plz send me pictures... in my mail address which is attached in the help file.

please donate me points if you like my work..

comment me, rate me,fab me whatever me......... just do


if you like this one then check this out also
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Congratulations!!! one of the most creative and beatiful buss cards I've seen...
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H E L L O :iconphotographychallenge: H E R E

Your work has been featured in our B L O G [link] As well as a N E W S F E A T U R E [link]

This months challenge is 'C H A R I T Y' Your work will help our members, work with a charity group/organisation.

thank you so much !!
i'd love to be able to download this and dissect it to see how you did it cause it looks fantastic!
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Yup, it looks solid, machinery and futuristic. I like it in other words.
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Awesome. I like the stripes/hazard patterns. The only critique I have is maybe use a cleaner, readable font. You've got a Mac so why not use Helvetica?

Also, the layer styles on the text on the right business card don't fit in too well, and the colours are a little off. It looks Comic Sansy on that side.

Lastly, try to limit the different fonts you use in any design. Keep it at three maximum. For this I'd go with two.

Hope that helps!
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ohhh ya ... go and check out this one [link] and comment.
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Why don't you take what I'm saying a little more seriously and act on my advice? That'd be nice.
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onhhhh... no plz dont misunderstand me.... i am sorry if i hurt ur feelings.... i just wanned u to show you how i made that card.... actually i wanned you to comment on that too....
i love your advices .. and trust me my brother i am working on it....
if i said something wrong... plz give me your forgiveness.. and dont forget to advice me... plz i need that alot...
and plz dont miss underatand......

take care...
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That's alright. I'm not misunderstanding you. Most people say something like 'I'll try to fix it' or 'thanks for the advice' etc.

I just expected that, but you said 'Please look at this one too!' and that seemed to me like what I said just went right over the top of your head.

Doesn't matter, I'm not angry or anything :D
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no no..... i am telling u my friend. u r really missunderstanding me and i can understand that u r anoied....

i wish i could tell u how much i admired your advice... and i am really working hard on it...ull see in the my next entry...
maibe i pronounced it in wrong way.....

and i havent said u to check out another one

i was actually asking you to comment on that too... coz because i thought your advice seemed accurate to me........
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thanks. check out this [link] and plz tell me if u like it..
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so D*m amazing
love colors in etc... and textures :D coz it looks like reall
keep it up
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hey... r u just oiling me up or you r saying really....
thnx for coming back..
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