The Circus Act Part 2

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The Circus Act Part 2

As we continue from where we left off, we see Spiderman finding Sam Fisher, Teresa Parker and Violet Evergarden.

Spiderman: Hi there! You’re the new SWORD recruits, right? The name’s Spiderman.

Sam Fisher: A pleasure to meet you, Spiderman. I’m Sam Fisher, and they’re Teresa Parker and Violet Evergarden. But I was told that it was supposed to be the three of you to arrive here.

Spiderman: Oh, you mean Cap and Ironman? Oh, they’re busy trying to get the foreigners into join. Keyword trying.

Sam Fisher: Hmph, I bet. I think they’re having a hard time right now.

Spiderman: *checks the situation* Yeah, considering that those guys don’t speak english.

Teresa Parker: I suppose you’re here because of Red Guardian declaring war, huh?

Spiderman: Yup.

Teresa Parker: Good. Because we found a secret lair they’re hiding out near the cliffs of Dover. Since you have a great experience since we learned you were able to stop the Manhattening, that makes you a great asset for this mission.

Spiderman: Well, I wasn’t the only one, but yes, I am.

Teresa Parker: We’re heading over there right now and prevent another Cold War in our hands.

Spiderman: Already? But what about Cap and Ironman?

Sam Fisher: Eh, leave them. They have other problems to deal with right now. Let’s go. *he and Teresa leave*

Spiderman: *notices Violet, looking quite down* Uh hey!

Violet Evergarden: Hi.

Spiderman: Y-you’re ok, there?

Violet Evergarden: I-I’m fine, Spiderman..

Spiderman: You sure? You seem down or something.

Violet Evergarden: It’s nothing.

Spiderman: Ok then. Come, we have a mission to do. *he leaves*

Violet Evergarden: Sure…

Meanwhile, Captain America and Ironman put all the uniforms on the foreigners.

Ironman: Right then! Now that they got all the uniforms on, you watch me carefully as I put them to shape, Steve!

Captain America: I’m watching, Tony. Watching you fall flat of course.

*as we focus on Captain America, we hear Ironman offscreen*

Ironman (Offscreen): Ok! You in army now! You obey me, otherwise, click, bang, urk! You are soldiers now! You’re not miners anymore! No shovels, pickaxes, nothing! You get rifles and bullets! You are part of the war!

Foreigners: *untelligeble angry noise*

Captain America: Uh oh.

*Ironman got pushed on screen*

Captain America: Great job, Tony. I think they understood you well. *the foreigners angrily throw the uniforms away* So well, that they’re removing the uniforms.

Ironman: What?! They can’t do that! That’s desertion!

Captain America: Don’t be ridiculous. It’s not desertion until they actually joined.

Ironman: *gets up, dusting himself off* They have joined! They just don’t know it yet! And I’ll show them!

Captain America: *folds arms* How?

Ironman: Through their stomach! We feed those who wear the uniform! *checks watch* And since it’s almost lunchtime, start making the grub!

Later, as the plan begins, Captain America has the pot full of soup as Ironman stood there. As soon the foreigners came near, Cap pours the soup in the first foreigner’s tray. But before the foreigner has the chance to eat, Ironman blasted the tray off his hands. He would then pick up the uniform and throw it to the foreigner. Unfortunately, the foreigner threw the uniform back, and all the foreigners storm off, leaving the trays behind.

Captain America: So much for that plan. The foreigners would rather starve to death than join.

Ironman: Ha! It’s their problem, not ours! From tomorrow, their stomach will be as empty as their heads, and they’ll come back crawling with their tails inbetween their legs!

Captain America: That is, assuming you’re not found dead with a knife on your back.

Ironman: Even so, that won’t happen until they have to go through you first! Infact, you’re sharing a room with me.

Captain America: Wait, what?!

Meanwhile, in CitySquareVille, inside the halls of Wayne Enterprises, Lucius Fox has a surprise visit from Kingpin and Rappacini.

Kingpin: Are you Lucius Fox?

Lucius Fox: King Fisk! This is a surprise!

Kingpin: *shakes hands with Lucius Fox* Nice to meet you. I don’t suppose you’re busy?

Lucius Fox: Oh no, I have time.

Kingpin: Appreciated. Mr. Fox, I like you to meet Monica Rappaccini.

Scientist Supreme: *shakes hands with Lucius Fox* It’s an honor, Mr. Fox. I would like to send you my late congratulations of taking control of the Wayne empire.

Lucius Fox: I wouldn’t say “take control”. More like, entrusted to Mr. Wayne’s assets.

Scientist Supreme: Well, it’s only a figure of speech. Sometimes, it’s not about what you have, it’s the having that matters. Since you’re entrusted with WayneTech, uh, I mean, Foxtech, there are ways you could be quite helpful with an initiative I’m working on. *Lucius looks at her curiously* I suppose that face expression you made now means that you’re interested in my initiative?

Lucius Fox: I’m curious. Curious to understand better about your intentions for our technology.

Scientist Supreme: My intention is to apply your tech in the most effective way possible: use it to end the cycle of violence  in which not only CitySquareVille, but the whole world, are caught up. I understand that ever since the Manhattening, you were victimized-

Lucius Fox: Please stop right there. This.. this isn’t something I want to discuss.

Scientist Supreme: Understandable. But I imagine that you agree that the heroes are going out of control. What happened in the Manhattening was just the beginning. God know where it will end. But what I do know is that next time won’t be like last time. The past is the past, Mr. Fox. We can’t change what happened, so we are forced to live with the consequences of the mistakes we have made, the regrets over the things we could have done differently but didn’t have the strength to, but we can learn from the past and focus on the future at which we are arriving. That future may be a beast that tramples us or we can face it with force. We can be the ones who control it, but we can’t be gentle and we can’t be afraid. This time, the people of CitySquareVille have to stand up and fight, and make no mistake, that fight is going to be brutal. And whenever we win that fight or not, Lucius, that may be entirely up to you.

Lucius Fox: ….

*as we focus on the office window, we see Jace witnessing the situation*

Jace Fox: (Look at this. King Fisk showing up in front of dad… that’s the kind of juice dad has now. And that Rappacini woman.. I can smell her privilige from there..)

Vol (Communicator): Hey Jace, are you there?

Jace Fox: Huh? Yeah, I’m here. What’s up, Vol?

Vol (Communicator): I got an intercept on Arkadine’s courier. He’s got a meeting set for tonight. He’s handing off whatever it is he’s transporting.

Jace Fox: I gotta move on him.

Vol (Communicator): The courier is too well protected. If he makes the exchange, we lose our chance to get Arkadine. Jace, please, you’re rushing into this because you think you have something to prove.

Jace Fox: No. I’m doing this because I know what happens when people think they’re above the law. And if I die trying, I suppose that’s justice too.

Meanwhile, in a secret location where the Leviathan group are…

Grifter: *bursts in, as the mooks point their guns at him* Sorry to intrude. I won’t be on the premises long.

Leviathan Boss: Ah, Cole Cash. How bizzare of you to show up here.

Grifter: My guess is you’re the man I need to speak with. Tell them to put their guns away, because I’m unarmed.

Leviathan Boss: Well, this has moved from bizzare to incredibly stupid.

Grifter: *sits on a chair* Is this how you treat someone who works for you?

Leviathan Boss: Last time I checked, you killed your handlers on your first assignment, took a job working for the target, and proceeded to kill any Leviathan agents who tried to finish your mission. All while murdering a bunch of costumed supervillains on the side for god knows what reason. So, I’m unclear about the part where you work for us.

Grifter: Wow. You really have been keeping close tabs on me. I did not think about that. Ok, I can explain. But can I get a drink first? *a gun touches his head temple* …or I can explain first. When you sent me after Lucius Fox, it was stupid and shortsighted of you. I saw an opportunity and I took it. If I saved his life, he might give me a job.

Leviathan Boss: Word to the wise, you’re not saying anything that is preventing you from getting killed.

Grifter: And I knew that meant I could secure his trust and get you what you wanted.

Leviathan Boss: What we wanted, is him dead.

Grifter: Correction: you wanted his brain, life work and access to his funds. And by failing that, you wanted him dead. If you work with me here, I will get you what you really want.

Leviathan Boss: I notice that you’re saying “I will”’ instead of “I have”.

Grifter: Well, there was a minor setback.

Leviathan Boss: Such as?

Grifter: *snatches the gun off a mook’s hand* First off, get that f*cking gun out my face and let the adults talk here, man. As I was saying, I lost his trust, but I can get it back with your help.

Leviathan Boss: Assuming we say yes, and you can deliver what we want, what do YOU personally want, Mr. Cash?

Grifter: A place in Leviathan.

Leviathan Boss: We offered you that before until everything crumbled.

Grifter: Let me rephrase that: I want a place at the top of Leviathan.

Leviathan Boss: …What would you need, Mr. Cash?

Grifter: I can get to Fox and the data once I’m inside, but I can’t get inside.

Leviathan Boss: You seem to get in there no problem.

Grifter: Well, their security is a lot better than yours.

Leviathan Boss: That’s probably true, Mr. Cash. We assumed nobody would be stupid enough to break in here.

Grifter: Proved you wrong again, I guess. Anyway, you use your resources and expertise to get me inside. And I can deliver you access to all of Wayne Enterprises’ data, and Lucius Fox himself. What could go wrong there?

Nighttime has arrived, and as we focus back on Dover, we see Spiderman, Sam Fisher, Teresa Parker and Violet Evergarden quietly sneaking in a secret lair, which is a fortress.

Sam Fisher: Ok. This is the lair that he’s staying. It’s called The Wall.

Spiderman: This fortress is supposed to be the russian’s secret lair? It’s not so secret if you can see it in plain sight. *sees the guards* Stay back.

Teresa Parker: What are we going to do?

Spiderman: You, Sam and Violet will go and hide through those tanks.

Teresa Parker: What about you? What about those guards.

Spiderman: *quickly webs them up* All taken care of. I don’t think they’ll mind.

As the team go in their separate ways, Spiderman heads to an elevator. He reach to the first floor.

Spiderman: Sam? Sam can you hear me?

Sam Fisher (Communicator): Loud and clear, Spidey.

Spiderman: Lovely. Tell me, where can I find Red Guardian?

Sam Fisher (Communicator): According to details, he’s on top of the fortress. If you need him, you must get up there.

Spiderman: Roger that.

Spiderman travelled around the fortress, trying to catch up to the top. As he looks around, suddenly, he gets a spider-sense. A hand grabs him by the shoulder, and he retaliates by flipping him over. As he gets a better look, he sees Captain Scarlet.

Captain Scarlet: Steady there, old chap. We’re on the same side.

Spiderman: *surprised* Captain Scarlet? Wh-what are you doing here?

Captain Blue: *appears* We’re investigating inside The Wall too.

Spiderman: Really? Did Red Guardian have a beef with Spectrum as well?

Captain Scarlet: *gets up, dusting himself* No. We came here because we detected a Mysteron threat in motion. Considering my body is a Mysteron reconstruction, I can sense Mysteron presence in whenever area I’m at.

Spiderman: I see. And who’s the Mysteron you detected?

Captain Scarlet: Captain Black.

Spiderman: Captain Black? But isn’t he one of your guys?

Captain Blue: He used to be. He was one of the organisation's top colour-coded senior staff officers who was held in high regard. Unfortunately for Spectrum and the people of Earth, Captain Black made the deadly mistake of ordering an illegal, unprovoked attack on an unidentified complex on Mars owned by an alien force known as the Mysterons, when he mistook their intentions as hostile. After this reckless action, it proved to be much worse than simply a mistake; it was both in violation of orders from his own superiors not to take any hostile action and the crime of actually having started a war. The Mysterons responded by making him instrumental in their retaliation against Earth as a punishment, which they commenced to pursue with the intent to destroy all life on the planet. Captain Black has now become their primary agent in their war of nerves.

Spiderman: So he started the whole war on nerves thing, huh?

Captain Blue: By accident.

Captain Scarlet: And the fact that’s he’s here, this could spell trouble. Spiderman, you must let us help you. You can still go after Red Guardian, but we have been dealing with the Mysterons for a long time. If they’re involved, it’s our problem as well.

Spiderman: Alright then. If you want to be involved, so be it. Ok, my sources say that Red Guardian is on top of the fortress. It’s likely Captain Black could be with him.

Captain Scarlet: Hold on. It appears that he’s not alone. He has someone on hostage.

Spiderman: A hostage? Sam, I heard there’s a hostage. Can you tell me who it is?

Sam Fisher (Communicator): Let’s see, uh… yeah, there’s a hostage alright. He’s in yellow, blue gloves and boots, and he has what appears to be a wolf like appearence.

Spiderman: *realises* Wolverine…

Captain Scarlet: You know him?

Spiderman: Yeah. Let’s go!

Soon, Spiderman, Captain Scarlet and Captain Blue looked around, and see a room with Red Guardian, Captain Black and Wolverine.

Red Guardian: You know… Sometimes, I’m convinced that SWORD send their own people based on their low IQ. Don’t you agree, Wolverine?

Wolverine: Please. I’m the best there is and what I do.

Red Guardian: Then why did you find yourself tied up, in my lair, hm?

Spiderman: *appears with Captain Scarlet and Captain Blue* Hey, Communist Captain America! Let him go!

Red Guardian: Spiderman!

Captain Black: *in an evil echo-y voice* The earth men.

Spiderman: It’s over, Guardian! Your plans failed before it could have begun!

Red Guardian: Heh.. Fool. This is the only beginning!

*suddenly, the heroes are surrounded by Red Guardian’s soldiers*

Wolverine: Some save.

Spiderman: Don’t judge me.

Red Guardian: And while I’m at it, I even captured your other allies!

*some soldiers enter, holding Sam Fisher, Teresa Parker and Violet Evergarden hostage*

Spiderman: Guys?

Violet Evergarden: We’re sorry, Spiderman… they caught us before we had a chance to do something…

Captain Scarlet: So now what? What are you going to do, kill us?

Red Guardian: Oh, no, it’s too soon. But you are invited to a special room reserved for you! Come! Take all the prisoners!

Meanwhile, back in CitySquareVille, we see a car containing Arkadine’s men, including Eabha, driving along, only to find a masked Jace on a motorbike, blocking their way, and charging.

Criminal #1: There’s a motorcycle up ahead. And he’s heading right for us.

Eabha: Don’t slow down.

*Jace throws one of his baton sticks and hits the driver in the eye, causing the car to crash against a lamppost*

Criminal #2: *coming out of the car* Where’s that son of a- *Jace kicks him in the head* AAH!

Eabha: Stop! That’s enough, all of you. *Jace looks at her* I’m not armed. I just want to talk. What’s all this then, lad? I know you’ve been watching me and testing me, but why? What’s got you so bothered?

Jace Fox: You’re protecting that man who works for Arkadine. I want what’s inside his bag.

Eabha: Even if you knew what was in the bag, you couldn’t stop what’s going to happen.

Jace Fox: Ok then. *picks up his baton stick* I guess you’ll get your ass kicked for nothing.

*Jace and Eabha briefly fight, but Eabha stabs Jace in the side with a knife*

Eabha: You may have been watching me, boy, but I was watching you as well. So much wasted talent. You poor miserable little shit. Remember when Mr. Arkadine told you last year that you’re going to die and you won’t even know what for? Well, this is it.

Criminal #3: *gets stabbed in the back* Urk!

Eabha: What the?!

Samurai Jack: Good to see you again, Jace. It has been a while.

Jace Fox: S-Sensei…

Eabha: Well, that’s not fair. You got that big ol’ sword and all I got is this little knife.

Samurai Jack: I wasn’t trying to be fair.

Eabha: To be honest, me neither. *takes out a machete*

*Samurai Jack and Eabha struggle a little, and Jack kicks her in her face*

Eabha: Unh!! *wipes the blood off her mouth* It’s all fun and games until somebody gets hurt. So let’s get ya hurt!

*the fight continues. The guy holding the bag attempts to escape, only for Jace to punch him, knock him out*

Jace Fox: *picks up the bag* The bag’s mine now.

*Samurai Jack then defeats Eabha. But before he does something, suddenly…*

US Agent: FREEZE! Get your weapons down!

Eabha: *throws a knife and she escapes* F*ck off!

Policeman #1: *gets stabbed* AAH!!

US Agent: Open fire!

*the police shoot, but Samurai Jack deflects all the bullets with his sword, and took down the police, and points his sword at US Agent*

US Agent: Jesus Christ!!

Samurai Jack: ….I am not your enemy in this fight.

US Agent: But you’re not our friend, either. If you value your life that much, put that sword down.

Samurai Jack: *he lowers his sword, helps Jace and leaves* Let’s go.

US Agent: Heroes, villains, masks, vigilantes and now f*cking samurais?! I’m looking forward the day we get to shoot on sight, and that’s soon!

Much later, under a bridge…

Jace Fox: I dig the save, sensei.

Samurai Jack: It’s what I do best, Jace. Even if I don’t show my age much. But speaking of age, you’re lucky I was there to save you after that nonsense you pulled tonight.

Jace Fox: How did you find me?

Samurai Jack: Passing by. Staying at some hotel hosted by demons, but that’s a long story. I thought you could use some help.

Jace Fox: Maybe a little.

Samurai Jack: That woman you fought was a professional killer. I trained you better than that, instead of attacking her directly.

Jace Fox: You only trained me to fight up close, and I thought if I got hold of what’s in the bag, I could shut down the guy who’s paying her.

Samurai Jack: You wouldn’t stop anyone if you were dead. And the job won’t get done if you don’t care if you live or die. You have to put aside that death wish you have.

Jace Fox: You don’t get it.

Samurai Jack: Maybe, but I have killed too, you know.

Jace Fox: You kill people, or in your case, supernatural things, who deserve it, not some innocent man crossing the street.

Samurai Jack: Life is life. I had no right to easily decide who lives or dies. But despite that, I became the warrior and the legend I am now. When you told me the name you chosen and why, I thought you learned to forgive yourself.

Jace Fox: I guess I don’t know how to be good to myself like that.

Samurai Jack: This is not about you, but the people who care for you. Look, don’t do this just for me, but even for them. Get rid of your guilt. Be a symbol of better things. Think about it.

Jace Fox: Will I ever see you again, sensei?

Samurai Jack: Not as your sensei, since I ran out of lessons to teach you, but as an ally. I’m always around when I’m needed.

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