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Traipsing across the plains...



This is my half of an Art trade with the lovely and wonderful (and enduringly patient!) . *Winks at Mia* Yes... it's finally done. Hope it was worth the wait! I wanted to get this posted for your Birthday... but didn't quite manage. So Happy Belated Birthday!! *Snugs you madly and warbles "Happy Birthday" quite off key* Go check out half of her half (er... would that be 1/4? *chuckles*) of our trade: Sirraz

This picture depicts two of Mia's magnificent characters Aequus (blue) and Vis Vires (red) from the MSN Group Unicorns of the Vale [link] It's not very accurate to the roleplay at the Vale, as I don't think these two have ever been RP'd together... but, heck - it was fun to do! Both Aequus and Vis Vires have such fun markings! Surprisingly - Aequus's were more of a pain in the rear than Vires's.

Each of the characters was sketched, scanned and then colored in a combination of Corel Photopaint 8 and Adobe Photoshop 7. The background was mainly done in Photoshop... All the extra stuff (like combining the pics together) was done using both programs. Definitely my most auspicious and ambitious work to date!

*Crosses fingers that all links work!*
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Aww that's so awesome!