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Customizable T-shirt Template

By DV-n-tart
I have a few clever t-shirt ideas of my own, so I'll be using this to show a few of them off. I encourage everybody else to do the same. (They couldn't be worse than some of the t-shirts I've seen people wearing.)
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I need this,thank you!❤️

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Simple but many gonna need this for sure.. Great work DV-n-tart 
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how do i download this?
Where can I get it? thanks
Very cool template! I will use your template! Thank you :)
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Thanks! I just used this template here:…
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I've used your template in this T-Shirt deign:…
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thanks for that template, its exacly that what im looking for.
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hey, great do I use it and upload my designs to it??
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i use your template all the time. its sooo helpful
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I'm designing a t-shirt for the Judo Club at my previous school, sooo Thanks for it ! :DDD
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ah this is perfect for my school project;w; thank you for making this!
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this helps a lot~ thank you very much!!
this is what I've looking for..
thanks a bunch..
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Hi, I was wondering if I could use this template for some graphic design work if thats ok with you? Let me know and I'll send you some links where I have used them. I'll also make sure to mention you!
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Appreciate it!
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