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A few things I made from stuff I found at the beach.

The top two are bits of shell. The first one is a broken piece from a greenish tinged bit of scallop shell. Not sure what sort of snail the second is. Tried a bit of scrimshaw on them both, though I'm very rusty and they were just practice pieces. Inked the scallop with black and the snail with white.

On the bottom row, I believe the two green stones are malachite. I cut them both from the same larger stone. It's fairly soft and sands easily. It's also magnetic. The color/pattern was better in the direction I cut the smaller piece but sadly it also put me cutting across a fracture and meant I couldn't get any large pieces from it.

The red stone is, I think red poppy jasper. Whatever it is, it's a very hard stone, only barely more malleable than flint. This piece was just a pebble that I ground down a little.
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