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You have come.
I do not believe.
Then why are you here?
I have always been here.
But you do not believe.
One need not believe to desire knowledge.
Very well.

While I saw many entities in ayahuasca, this was the first to speak to me.
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they do talk quickly i heard ;)
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i only play with safe, not legal, but safe toys.
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the only english voice that i heard was of the vine godess commanding me to be patient, "be quiet" implying wait...

i like your dmt entity
today i read that they are simply archetypes projected by our subconscious, i dont know about that, id like to believe they are autonomous beings separate or existant without us
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I do wish I'd had the experience before reading about the experience. I will always wonder if the things I saw were part of my own unique experience or part of the meme.

Though, I'm a cautious sort and won't try anything without careful research and reading studies about the abuse potential and such so.. I guess I wasn't meant to know the answer to that particular riddle and will be left forever wondering.