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Burning Man Camp 2010

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I originally did the tent for 2009 with the theme of Evolution. It starts with the explosions, the creation/destruction and beginning/end. From an elemental perspective, it is Fire and faced to the East and the rising sun.

Next in evolution is our past, the great oceans where life came from, faced to the North, the element is Water. It is the back of the tent.

Following next is the present, the land and the forests where magic still echos from the great trees. Faced to the West, it is the element of Earth.

And next is the Future. The meek shall inherit the Earth, the rest of us, the stars. What we will be, where we will go if we dare dream it. Faced to the South, it is the element of Air.

Also at the front is the rave painting I did for FC2009. It's positioned to be used as a sun and wind break and at night it is of course lit by the icicle lights that ring the living room.

The benches in the living room are plastic storage boxes. I sewed covers for them and added a foam pad to the top and a wood re-enforcement so they can be sat or laid upon. Most of my camp gear and food is hidden in them.

Also sewed and embroidered slipcovers for the camp chairs to hide the annoying corporate logos.

The green bicycle is my Playan Sand Cruiser, Squeebleflornk.

The black thing in the second photo is a collapsible solar oven that I used for cooking all of my hot meals for the past 10 days. I was regularly getting temps of around 180F with it.

The car cover is sewn from scraps of old surf kites that I picked up from Freecycle.

And of course, the freaky cube-shaped cat is secretly 5 gallons of water with a convenient spigot beneath his tail.

The playa looks strangely empty because I took these photos on Sunday before Burning Man had officially opened to the public and most of the city had not yet been built.

Anyhow. Welcome to my home. Feel free to stop by and visit any time. :)
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I gotta admit being curious what people thought of the cat, if anything.