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Tutorial01_BasicConcept_DuyDVu by duyvu Tutorial01_BasicConcept_DuyDVu by duyvu
by Duy D Vu
part one, Stick Figures and Simple Shapes

Sorry about not putting text inside the images. I found that the words always turned out too small or too blurry. (jpeg compression)

Materials: 2 mechanical pencils: HB lead and 2H lead. Good eraser, just in case.

1. Use stick figures! I use them all the time. The guy to the left is my motion man. I use him in extremely quick flurries to try and give the character a feeling of motion and dynamics. Experiment with poses. Once I'm done I use my filler man to make the basic anatomy more easier to see.

2. Notice on the motion man that I pointed out his spine. The spine has limitations folks. The spine cannot bend sideways too far. If you want to go crazy with the spine for dynamic purposes, you will force the character to bend forwards or backwards from the waist.

3. Below the stick figures I showed you how I draw my faces and hands. I'm not going to go further than those two pieces of anatomy. My purpose was to point out that the human body is comprised of very basic shapes. The head is a ractangle. The eyes are circles. The hand is just one big trapezoind with little sticks coming off of it. Try looking in the mirror and see what other basic shapes you see. The add other basic shapes to it. You will get pretty good anatomy in no time.

4. The face. When drawing the face, noter that the proportions are controled almost entirely by the eyes. When you want to make the face unique, just change the proportions a little.

5. The hand. This is just one view of the hand. The hand is complex but is made up of very simple shapes. Look at how I approached the hand at this view then look at your own hand. Try and see the shapes then take a similar approach.

That's all for now. More will come later. I hope this helps. Keep drawing and don't stop being creative.

***DISCLAIMER: This is NOT the only way to draw! This tutorial is merely to help those in need of some quick tips.***

Sorry about that disclaimer. It's going to be on every one of my tutorials after this one as well. I just wanted to let you guys know that there isn't one way of drawing. Be creative. In the few years since joing DeviantArt, I developed some new "shortcuts" in drawing that might help the rest of you on your way.
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really cool stuff,thanks
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July 31, 2004
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