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Foggy Edinburgh by lostknightkg Foggy Edinburgh :iconlostknightkg:lostknightkg 872 265
Clouds lean towards a sallow sky
Weary with a thousand years of abuse
Each burning starbolt a passing moment
That left a permanent scar.
I looked away from that solar mistake
And looked into your eyes,
I used to wish I could give you more
Than this pockmarked planet
And our smoldering sun
That grows dimmer every day.
Two stars
Wrapped in the event horizon
Of a death so slow
You don't know you're dying
Till you've been dead for years.
Back then, when we touched
It was like a nuclear scream,
And I remember it
Even though the universe
Has long since frozen over.
:iconnani-midori:Nani-Midori 2 2
It's hard to sound
Like you know what you're doing
When you make it up as you go,
But you strum the chords
And you play the notes
In your heart
Like they were already in your mind;
You know. Just fake it.
Play and move
And it might work out.
Let the repetition
In your improvised song
Be the theme.
Let the mistakes in your song
Be the variation,
And make it work.
Try to convey
Your emotions,
But make sure you don't say them
Out loud.
Just play,
And let her sleep gently
While you try not to say
What you're playing.
:iconnani-midori:Nani-Midori 3 3
I remember the way you moved,
It was only subtle the way fire is;
You burn and destroy so well
That people forget how you shine sometimes.
We used to move together
In concentric circles,
Around and around like two stars
Locked in gravity's embrace.
I do not know
Where you are,
But I feel you pulling on me,
My partner star, and I know
We are not far.
But if we are binary stars,
This can end in two ways only;
You will drift away from me
And I will be flung into the cosmic void,
Stripped of my planets and my core,
Or we will collide,
And there will be fire again.
:iconnani-midori:Nani-Midori 8 9
Vest by kris-wilson Vest :iconkris-wilson:kris-wilson 7,351 0
You kissed me like the jaws of hell,
All fire and flame
And twisted passions.
Your sin was my sin,
Your skin against mine
Stripping my nervous system;
Pins and needles and nervous titters
Shudder electric over my body
In your smoldering embrace.
Your molten passion
Melts me away
My tears evaporating
Like my inhibitions.
Your furious abandon
Pins me down;
I press my lips against the
Softness of yours,
And I let the jaws of hell
Swallow me.
:iconnani-midori:Nani-Midori 5 9
Harvest Moon
Sometimes I look at myself in the mirror
And I think about who I am.
I think very seriously,
Slowly mulling and considering
And grinding and sifting
Through my conscious
And unconscious
Of who I
I know I've hurt people,
Sometimes for no reason,
Sometimes justly.
I know I have saved a life once,
I know I've been the first kiss
And the last goodbye.
I've done so many things,
But I can't help but think
That at the end of the day...
I am playing a video game
About farming.
And I am enjoying it.
And that is all that really matters.
:iconnani-midori:Nani-Midori 1 13
Beedle the Bard: anti trolled by makani Beedle the Bard: anti trolled :iconmakani:makani 4,959 682 Hardest Boss Fight Ever by Hempuli Hardest Boss Fight Ever :iconhempuli:Hempuli 220 120
YHtBtR: The Novellization
Note 1 - This is based of of Mazapan's game "You Have to Burn the Rope."
Note 2 - Any literary pompousness or undue depth to be found within the following text is utterly intentional. Play the game to understand how epic it is.
Note 3 - This is only labeled "fiction" because of several factual embellishments found in the original game; the story is, in essence, true to real life.
You Have to Burn the Rope:
The Novelization
The Artist: Burk
The Hallway
A hallway.
The floor was rough. It stared upward with a burning look, that dark, primordial knowledge that one is being watched, pierced from some unknown angle by impossible eyes. Hewn stone gazed inward from all around. The rigid and dank cloud in the Hero's mind, so much an ironic beast to him, would not rise, would not dissipate; even as his mind drifted in and out of lucidity, he laughed to himself in a fleeting dream of conscious review: my own clouds I have hewn in twain, and yet this one, newly wrought, deigns to pas
:icontheonewhoobserved:TheOneWhoObserved 47 23
What have They Done?
You lack a pulse, child.
What have they done to you?
They seem to have removed
Your heart and your mind.
You jerk like a robot,
You smell like oil and
Artificial pheromones.
When your eyes open,
I see nothing flicker there,
Not a thing.
You absentmindedly shuffle
Through the channels.
You quietly keep
Completely to yourself.
When you speak,
You speak the words
Of a thousand others
My god, Child,
What have they done?
:iconnani-midori:Nani-Midori 8 14
SpeedPaint: Awakening by PearlPhoenix SpeedPaint: Awakening :iconpearlphoenix:PearlPhoenix 4,085 1,008
The Perfect Love
The perfect love
Won't atrophy.
It won't fall apart
Like a rag doll.
The perfect love wont' die,
It will live on
Like a black hole,
Pulsing in the center of the universe.
The perfect love
Will exist with me alone
Like a secret scar
In the flesh of my heart.
The perfect love
Will whisper close,
Like autumn leaves
In the gentle wind.
The perfect love
Will not atrophy,
But everything dies,
So the perfect love is not for me.
The perfect love
Exists in books,
But the eternal Tower,
I will always be alone.
:iconnani-midori:Nani-Midori 3 83



Artist | Literature
United States
Current Residence: Tacoma, WA, USA.
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Big :o.
Print preference: Free.
Favourite genre of music: Rock, humor. Pretty much anything, though. Those are just my big ones.
Favourite photographer: None.
Favourite style of art: Written and spoken word.
Operating System: Windows XP, maybe Linux soon.
MP3 player of choice: I must admit I love my iPod.
Shell of choice: What?
Wallpaper of choice: Defaults.
Skin of choice: Defaults.
Favourite cartoon character: SpongeBob SquarePants, I grew up on that shit.
Personal Quote: "I've known that for <number> <length of time>."
It has been a long time since I last posted a quality entry on this blog-- something that is neither a blurb nor a rant. Tonight is the night, three and a half readers! So get ready to hear just about everything that's new with me.

I'll start kind-of where I left off-- the end of last school year. School let out, and my grades were certainly lower than I would have hoped. Oh well, I'm not worrying about that. I'm focused on this semester now. A week into summer, my job working for my uncle began. I have to say, it was the best thing I did all summer. My job was to lift the kids onto the ponies, get them talkative and smiling for the pictures, and put the cowboy outfit on them. It sounds silly, but it was a lot of fun, and I am extremely glad that I did. I saved and spent a few hundred dollars in paychecks, the savings to go towards my car (hopefully I will have one by the end of this school year) and driver's ed (which I will be starting as soon as water polo season is over-- more on water polo below). My uncle said that if the position is there, I could work for him next summer; it depends on whether or not the preschools and daycares continue to drop in attendance numbers (gee, thanks, economy). It's not all bad, though, as I turn sixteen in a month and a half, and I plan to apply for jobs the day after my birthday... or maybe two days after. I don't imagine I'll get a lot of sleep on my birthday, seeing as it's on a Saturday.

So that's what the large majority of my summer consisted of-- working. I hung out with Cole, Daniel, and Jill quite a bit (separately, most of the time :P). I dropped Puget Sound Polo (just for the summer!) so that I could work more. Because of that, I did not go to the Junior Olympics, which I'm still getting over. The school season started up fairly soon, however, so I wasn't without water polo for too long. This year I'm playing swing (a combination of varsity and junior-varsity) for Wilson, primarily as a wholeset. We are off to a great start this year, winning our pre-season jamboree, and every game so far. At the jamboree (which was only games of two quarters), we beat Lakes 11-0, we beat Puyallup 8-0, we beat Curtis 8-4, and we beat one of the Auburn schools 9ish to 4ish. I'm not sure about the score of the last game, as nothing really mattered after we beat Curtis (our rivals in water polo and the school that took first at state last year). As far as regular games go we are 2-0 having beat Rogers and Emerald Ridge, both decisively. At the Emerald Ridge game I had a couple of varsity assists and in the junior varsity game I had 8 goals and 4 assists (it was a 2-quarters game and we beat them 14-0). Enough with the water polo, though. I imagine reading scores is boring.

The only other thing that is really new is the school year. I'm a sophomore now. Here is a rundown of my schedule: 1st- Honors Biology, 2nd- Honors English, 3rd- Spanish 3, 4th- Honors World Cultures, 5th- Pre-Calculus, 6th- Health 2. As far as I can tell, my schedule is alright. I think that I'll like my Biology class and the teacher, and the same goes for English. Spanish looks like it is going to be my boring class each day. The teacher is not as enthusiastic as Senora Tabares (too lazy to do the enyay~) was, but I think I'll be fine in his class. My World Cultures teacher seems AWESOME, and I also think he'll actually teach. It's a delicate balance, finding a teacher who is cool and actually teaches. I have the same math teacher for Pre-Calc as I did for Algebra 4, so I know what to expect. He is a good teacher and a nice guy but you have to work hard in his class. As far as Health, I expect it to be an easy class, albeit one with a medium workload.

Well, that's all I've got for the moment. A few things I'm planning on doing are posting more often, and posting reviews of music, books, etc. I've got several lined up to do, but we all know how long it takes me to post something up. See you anywhere from later tonight to a month or four from now.
  • Listening to: New Arctic Monkeys Album (Crying Lightning).
  • Reading: Going to start Orson Scott Card's &quot;Magic Stre
  • Watching: Nothing.
  • Playing: Nothing.
  • Eating: A tuna sandwich.
  • Drinking: Diet Pepsi.


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