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2B and POD:) (Smile) 
The picture is well painted on Christmas.
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gorgeously sexy and cute ass indeed

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Is she killing her robot?

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Instant eye catching!
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Great Artwork!
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Hi I was wondering if I could get your permission to use this image for YouTube videos. I'd be happy to give you credit in the description and put up a link to your page.
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Sexy ass and legs! Wink/Razz  Super! :eagermeow: 
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Thanks for sharing the very beautiful view
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I see you are a man of culture
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Why is she stabbing her POD? I'm okay with some artistic liberty being taken, but this is so far out of character it might as well not be 2B.
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Why would you have here stabbing pod?!?! I can't get over that haha, have you even played the game? PODs might be the only "good" things left in the world. 2B literaly owes her damn life to those things. 
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I love this image but it is literally the visual equivalent of chopping off your right thumb,...

“don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone”?
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this is just perfect. The art is so beautiful, so much skill... And so hot xD
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Just beautiful.
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Great drawing ! Welcome back and blessed holidays to you !
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well done! love the pose
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Amazing as always
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Amazingly sexy!
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damn! one day i will reach this level of awesomeness!
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