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By dutchie17
cheer up for jark :)

feel free to use it in a journal ;)
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awww so cute *hugs* i support jark!.
IllusionEvolution's avatar
when he turns around he looks like he is going to blast him with those eyes lol's so cute yet funny ^^;
Twizzie's avatar
Does the emoticon work on posts?

If it does,are we allowed to use it?
RadRapo's avatar
I can just imagine what that guy's saying:

Booooga Boooga Booga!
RejectifiedTomato's avatar
*squeals* EE! I can't get enough of your emoticons!!I have a soft spot for your Jark emotes, EXCELLENT JOB I LOVE IT!! :+favlove:
Seraph-chan's avatar
Hey, I'll use this emoticon as one of the training emoticons for my ever-growing army of gerbil ninjas! Together with my gerbils, we shall re-install Jark as the Rular Of DA! XD

Your emoticon rocks. XD We shall cheer up Jark!
Seraph-chan's avatar
*picks p your butt, gives back*
pyrette's avatar
Aww, how adorable! x3 Best emoticon on deviantART yet.
cariadav's avatar
that's so awesome! :lmao: very relevent, and yet so funny... just what we all need :) And that face is so ace... congratulations on a nift bit of emoticon work there
cariadav's avatar
by nift, I did of course mean nifty. Oh for hands that can type what my brain tells them to...
dutchie17's avatar
I always have that problem.....Penuts!!! :D
J-man121's avatar
OMG that's soooooo cute! :D
CupcakeBunny's avatar
Aaawww... How long were you working on this one? O_O

I love it! :heart:
dutchie17's avatar
not so long I had made a smulair one [link]
just some little changes in it :D
sumbs's avatar
POor little guy. It's sad. I just wanna give him a hug! :tears:
Santaquin's avatar
aside from everything that's going on...that little guy could cheer up anyone
dutchie17's avatar
^^ maybe it will
jin-tze's avatar
lol thats awesome! :+fav:
Cho-Meric's avatar
That is awsome!
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