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Spartan III SPI armor platform Concept

I've been having this particular set of armor on my mind for quite a long time. It was one of my first concept works that I did back in 2009... and I did not like how it turned out the first time, one bit. But hey, it was the first step towards making this concept happen. Still have modeling work to finish on this one, but its just about there.
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Looks pretty good, though i'll drop this fanmade Armor GHOST here…

I just don't like how unprotected the stomach is, and there needs to be more photoreactive plating imo. 

BUT! I will post the crap out of this on waypoint and i'd wear only this for the rest of my Halo 5 days

Do you know of the Artist AmbulantChronathaur? He's the one that drew my Spartan III in his fanmade MJOLNIR GHOST Armor.