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Vila is a female fairy-like spirit which live in the wilderness and it is good in nature, always helpful to humans, but it will harm any man who defies them or breaks his word. Usually it is presented as beautiful girl, with pale skin and blond or red hair, and sometimes it have some animal parts. I have chose to draw her more therianthropic.

In some specific situations they can breastfed human babies. Many heroes were breastfed by vila. Trough that process humans gain strength and some of the powers.
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Great,and then people tell we Slavs know nothing of  art.I think she would be nicer if she was more human looking,but hey,that's just my favorite version of myth,they are great  as this too.
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I have drawings of vila in humanoid form, so I drew one more therianthropic. ;)
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Like negative of mamuna/mamun right ? Dont know how its in english. 
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I had to look up for that creature, it is similar to boginka right?  And as I can see it is related to Polish myths, in Serbian stories witches are mentioned to eat kids, also creatures like navije, i think they are called latawiec in Polish, sometimes attack children and pregnant women.

In contrast vila's are positive characters, usually helping humans. This interpretation comes from South Slavic and more precise from Serbian myths. In East Slavic myths closest spirit is bereginia. Are there similar positive creatures in Polish myths?
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We have "Wiła" (vila?) but its a bad demon, it made man go crazy xd And it was a young girls soul (a girl who died young)
And Mamuna is bad too, it took bays and made them "retarded", they say it had ginger hair on all body, and its a soul of a woman dead by giving birth or short after. On the other hand sometimes you can find info that Mamun is good and it helps mothers, and people lost in the woods. 
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Interesting. I would say that it is probably process of christianization that demonized these creatures. Vile are benevolent forest spirits, they are mentioned among the earliest scripts about Slavs. Like when Byzantine historian Procopius tells us about Slavs that worship nymphs(Greek equivalent to vila) in 6th century. Or later Russian sources that talk about making offers to these creatures even after they have become Christians.
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yea its funny that even my grandmother told me about "baba jaga" that will come and take me away if I will not behave :P 
I generaly love "our" mithology. 
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Same stories are told to children here on the south. :D

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