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He would no doubt have a Russian accent
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Hi. Can I use and edit this picture for my page… ?
I want to write to the image few words about our God Perun and spread image to peoples.
Thanks for your response. 

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Ano brat.
 Use it freely, just mention me as an author.
thank you, I will paste link to the picture. Slava!
How many branches of the Slavic tree are there? and what are their names please?

Just curious...
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Again, I don't understand your question. 
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 I think what he means is how different are the various branches of the Slavic "family" from others? TO answer his question, Slavs are divided into the Eastern  Great Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians) and Western branches( Poles, Slovaks and Slovenians such as current First Lady Melania Trump). Religion also plays a role I suspect( Russians and Belarusians are Eastern Orthodox, Ukrainians are followers of the Greek rite Byzantine Church-known derisively as "Uniates"- which has its own liturgy but accepts the authority of the Holy See), Poles, Slovaks and Slovenians are traditionally Roman Catholic- satisfied now?
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You got some of that right. Slovenians belong to South Slavic group alongside Serbs, Croats, Bulgarians etc. West Slavic group is composed out of Poles, Slovaks, Czechs and Sorbs. 
Also Ukrainians are predominantly Orthodox, there is 9-10% of Uniates.
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I DO wish that you wouldn't use that term "Uniates" to describe Ukrainians-the term is considered derogatory and "Greek Catholics of the Byzantine rite" is preferred nowadays!
Like, are there any worlds or realms on the slavic tree? If there are, I just want to know... But thanks for answering my last question ;)
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In the treetop lives thunderer and other gods, in the middle are humans.
And afterlife, place "beyond the sea" is in the roots of the World tree, where rules god Veles - "Irij".
So Svarga, Yav, and Irij are the three branches?
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Well Svarga is just hypothesis taken from Hinduism.
Yav, comes from "yava" - reality and it is used to describe awaken state. And Irij is place of the dead.

It is treetop-trunk-roots division.
Tree top = Gods

Trunk/ branches = Humans and others

Roots = The underworld

Is that right?
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Basically, yes :D
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No nieźle, tylko w mojej ksiązce napisali, że Perun miał złote włosy i srebny wąs. Ale naprawde nieźle.
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To jest opis jego idola.
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Słownik ortograficzny niewiele mi mówi.
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That is description of his idol. With silver head and gold mustache to be precised.

"Перуна древяна, а главу его сьребряну, а усъ златъ"
"wooden Perun,  and his silver head and gold mustache"
-Primary Chronicle (Повѣсть времяньныхъ лѣтъ)
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Перун - Изображался он в виде седоголового рыжебородого пожилого воина в полном доспехе, держащего в руке либо палицу, либо яркий драгоценный камень, символизировавший в этом случае молнию.
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Не можемо тврдити да постоји јединствени опис Перуна. Нема старих записа који би нам могли послужити као извор по том питању, тако да се Перун може слободно представљати по сопственом нахођењу.
Што се оружја тиче, поред секире Перун се може представљати и са батинoм, или са два жрвња којима производи грмљавину.
Absolutly, completly and totly great. O love both the idea (axe as on the neckless, shirt, small ring chainmail with armor scales) and the art (way material lay on body, vains on hend, muscles) Best Perun i ever seen
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Thank you brother, thank you very much !

I like to incorporate number of details as tryzub like ornament on axe, Slavic fibula or Serbian traditional shoes, "opanci".

Sława a chwała !!!
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