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New version of mother Mokosh
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Beautiful picture! Can I restore this picture in the form of a photo? This is my scouting task

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Feel free to use it. Just reference me.

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Before 966 (baptism of Kingdom of Poland), this goddes was a patron of my region of country.

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Hello my name is Sergi Justribó. I am from Barcelona. I have a blog about myths amd legends. I put your amazing work in my blog.

I hope you agree. i put your deviantart address.

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Hi Sergi!

No problem, thanks for letting me know.
I'm glad that you like my picture :)
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Can't remember where I heard that first,but I saw on many places across internet,latest being Slavic mythology on Tv Tropes.
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Mokosh is great.Even if this is not polite,I heard somewhere that Mokosh disapproves  date with rosy palms...with scissors.
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I didn't heard anything like that :)
It doesn't sound credible.
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I just realized that I wear a bronze pendant on a daily basis that is exactly the same one as one of those that Mokosh is wearing in your depiction of her. :D…
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Great, it is based on archaeological remaining of a pedant worn mostly among East Slavs, it represent earth, and by that it is connected to the Mother Earth, goddess Mokoš.

 Here are some archaeological examples of both round and diamond shaped ones:……
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The detail of the clothing is mind blowing.
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Thanks. Yes, Slavic embroidery can be very rich. :D
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Hokosh Mokosh prdne kokosh?
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Not quite like the one from my OBE, but I love her!
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My pleasure! Please, I am onto one contest and I need your vote, could you click on this [link] and just like this artwork, If you don't get this idea please, read explanation of that , click this: [link]
Thanks! And have a :tighthug: :icongwompplz: :iconcocoglompplz: and a :iconkokorox:
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That is the slavic beauty :)
And I love the chicken!
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I tried to represent Mother Mokoš in all of her greatness :D
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This is so wonderful! The details are just amazing!
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Thank you. Well that is Slavic embroidery full of details and symbols.
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