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Another description of the axis mundi. 

At the top of the tree is a powerful bird, it is a thunderer Perun in its theriomorphic shape. He stands on a golden bough, mythical place at the tree top.  Around the tree are the hardworking bees, buzzing and collecting honey. Down in the roots lies a huge serpent, the god of wealth, old Veles, golden as the gold itself is.
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Love these!  I'm in love with your art and especially your artistic concepts on the world tree. <3  Свака част! 
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Hvala najlepše.
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Great, simply great!

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Свака част! 
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Good old pan-slavistic times :D
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Well can't call them good old days :D but back then we sure have reason to stick together. Not like today when our leaders are just sticking to the ass of the rich in west...
slicno nordijskom igdrasilu(yiggdrasil).
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Slično mnogim mitovima o drvetu sveta širom planete, a opet specifično za Slovene.
znam, ali me sam model strasno podseca na igdrasil(inace trenutno proucavam germansku I skadinavsku mitologiju)
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