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Divine clash

By DuszanB
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These is teaser for upcoming mini comics that I'm making.

Battle between two major Slavic gods Perun and Veles in his dragon form. It is one common myth which can be found among almost all Indo-European mythologies, and some unrelated mythologies.

Θraētaona vs. Aži Dahāka in Persian
Indra vs. Vrtra in Vedic
Thor vs. Jörmungandr in Norse
Zeus vs. Typhon in Hellenic
Marduk vs. Tiamat in Mesopotamian
Ra vs. Apep in Egyptian
and so on...

I tried to represent it as colored stone craving.
These is some mix of Celtic, Slavic and Nordic style.

You can read comics here: [link]

I dedicate it to our gods and goddess.
Slava !
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Fantastic job. I really like it. Could I use it to make such embroidery for our Slavic group?
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Sure, some of my friends also made embroidery with that motif. 
Send me picture when you finish it, I would like to see how it looks.
I will sure do that :)
I have it ready but I can`t put picture here, or can I?
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Your art is amazing!!!
DuszanB's avatar
Thank you very much!
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Как-то проглядел раньше у тебя эту картинку) Шикарная же!
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Very good! Looking forward to your comics.
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Here is shirt comics: [link]
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Thank you! Your artwork is amazing!! I so wish I could read the language :-)!
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I wrote that text in form of decasyllable as it was written in old Serbian epic poetry, and I used many archaic words. So I'm not sure if i could translate it.

But basically it describes battle between Perun and Veles. Here is nice explanation of that myth: [link]
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Thank you for the link! Now I can understand the myth better - fascinating :-).
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Lepo coleza, lepo... :) Bas mi se djasvi!
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O, koleginice, hvala najlepše.
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Ta nema na cemu... :D
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Zavidim ti!
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Nema potrebe ;)

Slava bogovima, spomen precima !
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svidja mi se kako si u fulu skinuo nacin crtanja ......skroz podseca na tradicionalni crtez ...svaka cast :)
DuszanB's avatar
To je i bila ideja, drago mi je ako sam uspeo.
Grulex's avatar
super je samo nastavi ...
+watch :)
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