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:Commission: Grabbag Galore

An older commission for :icondepvietgurl:

This was finished back in September. She asked not to publish the photos till after Feb 1st. Well I was out at the time and am only getting to them now~!

She'd asked for quite a handful of interesting stuff which includes:
-Rainbow Dash holding a cloud and Spitfire doll
-Derpy Blob w/ Muffin crown keychain
-2 different sized muffins
-A Trixie, Derpy, and Smarty pants doll
-A miniature Elements of Harmony book
-Filly Fluttershy wearing socks with cookie/juicebox attachment
-A Derpy head pen topper
and finally
-'Beep Beep I'm a Cloud' RD ornament

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omg, the one with Rainbow holding that Spitfire lol
It's utterly adorble~!!! <3
wich material do you use for these?
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These are made from polymer clay~ Most notably Sculpey III ^^
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aww~ they're all so cute. Fluttershy's pose is best *-*
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I would buy the beep beep im a cloud ornaments :D
dustysculptures's avatar
Thanks~! The ornament was certainly a fresh idea!
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Nice little collection here and all very cute and very well made as well!!! People are going to want some of these I'm sure!!
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:D Thanks! I hope so!
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at least the pen topper! ....and that Fluttershy is too adorable for words!!!
dustysculptures's avatar
:XD: Hah~! Thanks! Seeing this again gave me a ton more ideas for pen toppers~
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I hope so! Have you gotten requests for them yet? ...and seeing how I am writing this it obviously means I am here for a bit longer :)
dustysculptures's avatar
None yet~ But this is the first time I've published anything like this~ I'm hoping to do the mane6 in some of these styles soon~ Maybe that'll get people interested ^^

Also I figured while I have you, my art trade is done :) She'll be in the mail tomorrow (you'll get a note from me with all the details)~
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Awesome! I can't wait :) As for yours, it is 1/2 done and I fell behind but was planning to take it with me and was going to be my final piece that I would finish once I got there but now I can finish it here (I am so happy about that). I am busy most of tomorrow but it should be no more than a day or 2 past that.
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soo cute, soo many details...
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I like the Derpy pen best. :3
dustysculptures's avatar
^^ I think I should make more of them!
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You should! :D And of some other characters too. :3
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All of it is just beyond CUTE!
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Be Sure adorable as possible is always the goal! ~
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