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BronyCon 2016

Another Year another BronyCon! This time bringing me out of the dark pits of earth! Like Paul Barer & the Undertaker

So Come on By! I'll be @ Artist Alley Booth #D11 
I'd love to have you ^^

Fun Fact: All of the sculptures here were made in the last 2 1/2 months. That hasn't happened since Featured BronyCon 2013. I'm exhausted :(
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Wonderful! They is so cute)
dustysculptures's avatar
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I am so JEALOUS....

i wish I could make this...if i used clay still...I would be pretty capable...but first I couldn't bake it b/c the smell, and now I can't use it PERIOD because it was ruining my furniture...

You will not believe how absolutely DEPRESSED I was after that!!!!!!! Sad dummy 

I'm still really sad about it...but at least I have other art I can do! Like drawing! Emoticon drawing 
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Every close companion who resides in Ponyville--plus extras--except Spike. How very fucking typical.
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I love them! How is Bronycon so far? I might go next year for my first time!:):):)
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Dusty pls.
Muh heart.
That bug horse...
Will be hunting you down for that one.
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They all look fantastic!
SewShy's avatar
Beautiful!  They're all so expressive.
CloudsCutter's avatar
awwwww that Starlight look so sad ... I LOVE IT *Evil laugh* ( Seriously, they are all so cute (Starlight in particular) it's amazing=) )
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Gorgeous job on the bunch, though I feel really sad for poor sad Starlight Glimmer; Sunburst looks like he needs a hug too to calm him down, while Chrysalis' meekness would get her one as well. (Heh, I'm sure she'd be happy to hug the stuffing out of those two.) Twilight is super cute with the glasses. Sweetie Belle is downright adorable, and her pals look great (though Scoots' wings?), especially Apple Bloom's speechless grin. Excellent work all the way around. Best wishes for a super successful Bronycon.
dustysculptures's avatar
I was hungry I swear! They were orange wings and I had a craving for Kentucky fried Chicken!!! 
They Grow back! I read that in a magazine somewhere!!
Fairy-Slayer's avatar
Well… okay. Let's hope that her new set of wings comes in fuller than the first — but not so that you can eat them again! ;)
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These all look great, but where's Fluttershy?! 
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Oh She's chillin' in the back there. a bit worried what her friends might think of her changed appearance 
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You made her a changeling? Why? 
dustysculptures's avatar
What can I say? She's adorable no matter what form she's in~
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A colourful, multiplicity of cute. S
Element0fKindness's avatar
Absolutely incredible, as always! Fluttershy Clap 
KrazyKari's avatar
So excited to see this whole gang there! :D (Big Grin) 
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