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Quick speed paint for the Super Speedpainting Funtimes group on FB.

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Love 'em big machines!

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I like the atmosphere in this one.
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Too wonderful ... very cool shades!:happybounce: 
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Wow you paintings are really cool. do you have any particular method/technique for speed painting? unless you don't want to say. great work anyway :)
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It actually varies over time how I approach a speedpaint. Lately I have been blocking in the comp over a photo plate, establishing the light source and then start blending textures, custom shapes/brushes and tweaking color balance til I get something that I feel looks appealing.

Thanks for the comment! :)
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How in the blazes is this so amazing? AND HOW IS IT A QUICK SPEEDPAINT?
I love your art.
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Thanks again for the kind comment. I utilize a lot of custom brushes, shapes and photo textures to achieve these results quickly.
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Very nice...
Keep it up at any rate. It looks awesome.
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Really great. I was always wondering, how to you create these shapes, are they taken from photos or random stuff? Would you mind explaining, as im really interested
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A lot of this was blocked in using custom shapes and yes there are also several photo textures in there as well. I plan on posting a video in the near future.
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Speedpainting ? Really ? :omfg:
That's just amazing ! :D
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Your sense of lighting and story telling are fantastic!
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Thank you so much!!!
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HOW IS THIS A SPEED PAINTING?!! haha it's soooo well done and detailed!
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Lots of custom shapes and photo textures. ;)
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best walllpaper ever and good detail too!
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Thanks!! Glad you used it as wallpaper. :D
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Good job bud...looks awesome.
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