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Sci Fi Structures

Quick speed paint on the new i7 'Warpcore' with Photoshop CC ;)


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eggzil's avatar
beautiful image !
brokencreation's avatar
I love how simple but effective this is 8D
DylanPierpont's avatar
Hi Dusty! what a wonderful image you have here. Did you paint it all by yourself without help?

dustycrosley's avatar
Hahaha!!! Damn you Dylan! Damn you!! :P
mathiu83's avatar
amazing picture! well done!
Realmwright's avatar
I love the depth and simplicity
Pittman47's avatar
This is so awesome, very inspirational to me as i one day want to have photoshop and do my own stuff to the level of awesomeness you do it to.
DAN-i-VANOV's avatar
Very dramatic lighting, I like it.
I simply like it. 
Not just the coloring or painting technique are cool. The concept too is really well execute.
I wish there is more.
dustycrosley's avatar
Thank you for the comment. :)

More to come soon enough....
Elemento11's avatar
Simple, yet convincing....
SpleenJuice13's avatar
the lighting and depth is amazing, wish i was there.
saunterloft's avatar
The colors are magnificent!!
dustycrosley's avatar
Thank you so much!
daawaabooks's avatar
Fantastic. Love the red pixel on the character...nice touch
lauabaloni's avatar
Awesome job, i love the contrast and how it is so well structured in such a simple way
dustycrosley's avatar
Thank you for the comment and observation!
prjone's avatar
Nice work, I dig the depth and hazy quality...
Thanatosstorm's avatar
Really great work capturing the mood of the sunset in a high-tech area. The buildings put me in mind of Heavy Gear's landships or battleships' superstructures, truth be told, which is great.
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