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Trek Panels Close Up

Here are some of the characters farther back in the Star Trek poster a bit closer to camera, so you can see the detail a bit better without having to hit the download button on the full piece. The whole enchillada is here-
the key to everyone and everything is here-
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awesome piece. just looking at this reminds me how great a show it was. the aliens entities they dealt with, the people and concepts. 
just an awesome tribute to the show's awesome sci-fi cred.
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There's one character in there in front of Vaal that I can't place.  He's holding the gun.  Can you tell me who he is?

I love this so much, I bought the poster and study it daily.  It's Awesome!
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Here ya go, everybody identified!…

Wait till you see the Next Generation ones!!!!
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These are fantastic!  Great job!
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That covers just about everything. lol Nice!
This poster you've made (the whole thing) would sell quick if you offered it up :)
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So awesome to see these characters again in a new pose/setting.
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This is truly a great piece, Dusty! And I mean that in the most literal sense.
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Thanks for including all the details and the key. Not that I needed much of the key.
Old Star Trek fan game, recognizing TOS with the establishing shot. No two are exactly alike, but a few are similar enough (shot of Enterprise circling planet) to be confusing.
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This is so amazing! This must've taken a lot of time and effort!
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Oh my god this is amazing. The detail is stunning - you have some many characters in there, all true to the original.
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I really like the zoomed in panels to better appreciate your artwork. Amazing work.
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Amazing likenesses, really great work!
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Just incredible.
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You, sir, are a genius.
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