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Televisions Sci-Fi and Superheroes of the 70's

By dusty-abell
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Here's my TOTALLY remastered version of my Classic Sci-Fi and Superhero of the 70's piece including 1 completely new character (Dr. Strange), 3 new ships (The Yamato, Liberator & the Swinetrek), almost all NEW faces, a finished color pass by Lovern Kindzierski and by popular demand, a complete identification key labeling every character and ship, 51 in all! This version is SO much better in my eyes, so much so I ran off a small number of oversized 27" x 40"  poster sized copies for myself........... I have a limited number available at my webstore- if you would like to get one for yourself, head on over.

These are most of my favorite shows growing up as a kid in the 70's, which seemed to be a decade when networks would try almost anything........ I don't know if the genres of Sci-Fi and Superheros have ever been so widely represented. Some are classic, some are campy, but they are all really memorable and I had a blast revisiting them drawing this piece.

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Ohmygawd! How could I have missed this one?! <3

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You added the Yamato (Argo)! AWESOME! This poster wasn't QUITE complete without it! This - and to a certain extent the 80s - was MY decade as well! I think I'm a little bit younger than you perhaps. I didn't start having ACTIVE MEMORY of this era until about... oh 1973-74 or so. So some of the earliest stuff (U.F.O.) I missed unless it was in regular syndication reruns (Like Star Trek). But anything after 1975-1976 I was SO THERE! And my "gateway" to anime was Gatchaman (Battle of the Planets) and Uchuu Senkan Yamato (Star Blazers). 
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Hey thanks William, glad you're enjoying the additions!
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Glad you're enjoying it!
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Happy to see you're digging it!
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WOW This Is Awesome!!
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Thanks for the kind words, glad you're digging it!
excelente . maravilloso. gratos momentos vinieron a mi mente, identificando cada personaje.
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Much appreciated!
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UFO, Quark, Classic Cylons, and Star Blazers?!   Immediate :+fav:!
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Awesome, glad you're enjoying it!
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Thanks so much, glad you're feeling it!!!
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A true masterwork :).
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Thank you very much, I really appreciate it!
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This is my entire childhood captured in one glorious picture!
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That is just mind-blowingly wonderful!
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It took me a bit to recognize some of them, but I totally love that you included Ralph from Greatest American Hero and Mork.
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Much of your work reminds me of the amazing posters I used to get at hobby/craft stores when I was a kid - they came with a set of markers. This would have been so much fun to color.
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Thanks man, I was a BIG fan of coloring books and coloring posters as a kid.........i love that coloring books have made such a huge comeback lately, although i think the variety is a little lacking as it seems like 80% of the stuff i see on the shelves now is all geometric patterns and stuff like that...... a little less so drawing and illustrations............ my personal favorite as a kid, which i have reaquired from Ebay in pristine condition was the Fabulous Monster Gallery Coloring Book from Troubadour Press........… full link to the Monster Gallery book at the end of that article if you were interested in checking it out from front to back, it was AWESOME!!!!
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