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TV's Sci-Fi and Superheroes



This is stage one of my huge attempt to draw a little bit of every cool science fiction and superhero television show I ever watched growing up in the 70's. There had never been such an amazing diversity of programs like these and they all did their part to expand my love of both genres. These shows had it all, drama, fantasy, high adventure, amazing production design (notably Space 1999 and the original Battlestar Galactica) great actors and actresses, wonderfully designed creatures and aliens (Dr. Who's Zygons come to mind immediately), incredible special effects and in the case of the Incredible Hulk the most haunting theme song ever recored in my opinion. Well, I still need to color this beast but I wanted to show it off at this stage because I'm so damn proud of this one, its taken me an age to reference all the costumes and ships, I just kept adding stuff, if I missed one of your favorites I apologize, Marvels 1978 Dr. Stange almost made it in and so did one of the moon girls from the great old Gerry and Sylvia Anderson series UFO! I could have put in almost every villain from Dr. Who and its almost criminal Davros didn't make the cut but there you go, you got the Supervoc SV7 robot and hes pretty cool too! Let me know what you think, cause I'm dying to hear, of course I hope all you 30 to forty somethings out there have some fond rememberances of some or all of these shows, and i'd incourage anyone unfamiliar with them to give them a shot sometime, see what all us old timers are always carrying on about. Happy Holidays guys and gals!

p.s. this is the mega huge version of this piece, i'll also post a smaller version to better see more of the overall composition
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I think it's cool that you included some of my favorite sci-fi shows: Logan's Run, UFO, Space:1999, Man from Atlantis, Quark, Doctor Who, Buck Rogers, Battlestar Galactica, Land of the Giants, The Incredible Hulk, Mork and Mindy, Battle of the Planets, and Wonder Woman. It would be even cooler if you colored the characters as well.