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Star Trek The Original Series

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This piece is for all the Original Star Trek fans out there like me...... I've been working on this for a while now and I'm happy to finally get to share it with people. Definitely a labor of love this one and SO much fun to do at the same time. I was trying to think about the first time I could recall seeing the show when I was little and my best guess is it had to have been before I was 4 years old in 1973, because I distinctly remember being aware of the show before the animated series debuted in September of 73'. The series was probably more responsible than anything else in sparking my love of sci-fi and fantasy and i'll always be grateful that I grew up during its initial run in syndication. The trinity of Kirk/Spock/McCoy were the backbone and soul of the show for me. Individually they represented three distinct qualities whose interplay made for fascinating viewing..........Kirk the ethical leader, Spock the logical sounding board and McCoy the emotional confidant. The stories, both serious and whimsical captivated me, the production wowed me and the acting was always entertaining. I've included at least one, sometimes more, character, entity, starship or structure from every episode of the original series, 80 in all including the pilot, in this piece. I hope Trek fans enjoy this as much as I did making it, I'm pretty proud of it.

You just have to click on the "DOWNLOAD" button to the right to really see the detail in the piece.............so please, HIT THAT BUTTON!

There is a key to everything in the poster here- fav.me/d5igag3

Close up shots of characters farther in the background can be seen closer up here-

In case you haven't been to my site before, I also did a Sci-Fi & Superheroes in the 70's piece you may have seen a few years back, you can find that one here-

Big ups to David Metlesits :iconthefirstfleet: whose Starfleet Headquaters wowed me when I first saw it on his site, it's a ship that never made it into the show, but it was included in Franz Josephs' Star Fleet Technical Manual back in 1975, he modeled it up awesomly and I had to include a version of it in my Star Trek homage!

I could not have gotten all the details right the way I think I have if it hadnot been for the INVALUABLE image resources available at TrekCore.com, the site is a Trek fans dream come true. www.trekcore.com/

Please leave comments, I do enjoy reading them, cause lord knows its going to be awhile before I manage to submit other piece like this anytime soon...........

Questions- dustyabell@yahoo.com
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