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One of the greatest rogues galleries ever...................Can you name them all? Whose your favorite?
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Bookworm is fantastic and I wish they did more with him. 
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Difficult to choose only one.
Riddler, Tut, Penguin, Egghead, and Joker were remarably well performed by their respective actors.
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My fave created for the show would be King Tut. Victor loved the role and he was allowed to run with it. Egghead I respect because he was the only one to deduce the identity of Batman.
Reasoning that the enormous "egg-spense" involved would point to only one of three Gotham City millionaires who would be of the right age as Batman and deducing that two could not be the Caped Crusader (one has a French accent, which Batman does not have, and the other is left handed, whereas Batman is right-handed), he concluded that the last, Bruce Wayne, must be Batman.
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Only six of them were originally DC Comics characters created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane, though Bill Finger created Bookworm for the show. The rest were made for the TV show., though I think now DC/Warner Brothers owns the rights to all of them.
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Aside from Black Widow and Siren, I could name pretty much all of these right from the get go.
And I'd never even seen what Archer, Minstrel and Louie looked like before mind you.
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Catwoman is my fav
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Just a beautiful job. Which one is my favorite? All of them.
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Name them all? Of course! My dad used to show me batman 66 every day! I know it like the back of my hand! 
The archer 
black widow 
clock king 
egg head 
false face 
louie the lilac 
mad hatter 
mr. Freeze 
mr. Sandman 
king tut 

joker was my favorite! I loved how he cackled! XD and that moustache though.:D
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Aside from Archer and Black Widow, I pretty much love the rest of these guys! Bookworm and Egghead being among my top favs of the ones created just for the show.

Well, technically I don't care for Otto Preminger, but I love Mr. Freeze as played by George Sanders and Eli Wallach. 60s Batman helped shaped Mr. Freeze and make him a tragically interesting villain before Bruce Timm gave him the now canon backstory.

King Tut is also a tragic villain in that he's the ONLY villain in the entire show who's genuinely not to blame for his actions. Sometimes, it's sad to watch him, but it's Victor Buono so he cracks me up almost immediately. 

I always thought it was kinda hilarious/cool that Milton Berle played his villain dead serious when he's this iconic television comedian in this show famed for campy.

And Newmar, Romero, Gorshin, and Meredith are so awesome I can't even!
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Pardon me, but I'm confused. Who is Bruce Timm, what did he work on, and how did it ruin Mr. Freeze?
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Bruce Timm created "Batman: The Animated Series" in the 90s which led to several DC superhero cartoons up to the early 2000s. He gave Mr. Freeze a new look and backstory that became canon in the Batman comics. Look up Mr. Freeze, Bruce Timm, and Batman TAS at wikipedia or google for more.
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Damn dude, you're the king of this shit!
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Missing Marcia Queen of Diamonds and Ma Parker (Shelly Winters). Nonetheless, this is a great gathering of rogues. Kudos!
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not all of them.

but this still looks awesome!
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I won't even try to name them all (the memory's the first to go ...).  I'll just enjoy the glorious coolness of it :)
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Rogues. Oops!
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DOH!!!! Fixed.......thanks!
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Have you thought about a line up of the Alternate Rouges, such as John Astin, Eartha Kit, Lee Meriwether, George Sanders, and Eli Wallach? 
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Wonderful - needs Marcia Queen of Diamonds and her Granny.
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Let's see... Community-Playhouse Man, Granny Cigarettes, Mr. Cataracts, Sean Young, Captain 3pm (the other two clocks need to be wound up), the White Butler, Greasy Face, Heath Ledger, Kilgrave, Electric Cat-in-the-Hat Man, Community-Playhouse Boy, Eyebrow-Welder, Gunter, Mystery Shack Man, the Fur Flasher, Gay Cowboy, Won't-Give-Me-Her-Phone-Number Lass, and Fat Steve Martin.
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