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Race Bannon

By dusty-abell
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Here’s something I did for fun in an attempt to update the classic Hanna Barbara action adventure series of the 1960’s in a way that was contemporary but still retained the cool style and flavor of the original! This is what I’d love to see a new Jonny Quest series or movie look like. I feel like it embraces everything I loved about the original, but just tweaked ever so slightly. I was inspired after seeing my work mate Chris Copeland’s inspiring head sketches of Jonny, Hadji & Race to do a full head to toe finished take on all of them! I hope all you Quest fans out there are feeling what I came up with!
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 Please allow me to compliment you on these very excellent updates; I must admit they make me downright nostalgia - albeit about THE NEW ADVENTURES, rather than the original cartoons!:) (Smile) 
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A perfect update Dusty.  My inner child gives it two thumbs up :)
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Great update on a classic!
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Nice piece- though I gotta say, part of my current love of Johnny Quest is the retro vibe. Just nothing else looked like that original show. :)

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The original badass.
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Thanks Will, glad you're digging it!
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If they reboot the show I really hope the art work turns out like this.
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like i said u know how to make something that would pass as a reboot! love the slim modern design has the nice fresh look good job! :D
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Hey thanks man, much appreciated. It was fun attempting to contemporise him but still keep the feel of the original Wildey design! 
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Glad you're digging it!
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Awesome work! Thought this was a Johnny quest reboot. 
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I wish.......this is what I'd kinda wanna see in one!
Ah, Race Bannon- THE badass go-to guy of my favorite cartoon growing up. Not Politically Correct now, but still one of the bright spots of my childhood
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Me too.........what kid didn't want a pal like Race to hang with!
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Awesome work!  :heart:

My Pop's squadron had a guy back in thew 1970s who looked just like the classic Race Bannon ... they even called him Race if I remember right.  :)
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