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Jonny Quest, Hadji and Bandit

By dusty-abell
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Here’s something I did for fun in an attempt to update the classic Hanna Barbara action adventure series of the 1960’s in a way that was contemporary but still retained the cool style and flavor of the original! This is what I’d love to see a new Jonny Quest series or movie look like. I feel like it embraces everything I loved about the original, but just tweaked ever so slightly. I was inspired after seeing my work mate Chris Copeland’s inspiring head sketches of Jonny, Hadji & Race to do a full head to toe finished take on all of them! I hope all you Quest fans out there are feeling what I came up with!

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Wow! I like your take of Johnny quest along with the other two pictures

Race Bannon
Benton Quest

If your take on the reboot of Johnny quest is picked up let me hope it is aimed for people of all ages as in TV-PG and will be streamed on Boomerang and Netflix but make sure that your take on Hadji will not be an Indian stereotype including Dr zin and also include an original female character for the gang so that it will balance the gender role of the main team like it did with Jessie from the real adventures of Johnny Quest.

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They shd use this in a new reboot.  
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aw this good ol show i think you should make a reboot with a team! you definitely would be the chosen artist your awesome! :D
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Much appreciated....
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Having watched it in first runs as a kid, I can talk about what made the show when it was on prime time. Yes, it was a prime time show, a "family show" and that's why all the reboots failed to capture the spirit of the original. Jonny very rarely solved the mystery or problem in the shows. In many cases, he was just legging it from what or whoever the bad guy was. It was up to his Dad and Race to solve the problem. He did assist a few times, but the majority were solved by his dad, Doctor Quest. 

Most of the reboots tend to focus on Jonny and not his family. In that aspect they come up short to the original.
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Interesting observation, my version would have to feature all the members of the Quest team!
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do you take request because I was wondering if you could draw this boy from this book I am writing who look like a eight year old version of Johnny Quest?
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Awesome!  I hope you'll do one of Jonny, Jessie and Hadji. 
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I was hoping fans of the original would like it!
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beautiful work
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Thanks, it was a blast to do!
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This is awesome. 
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Much appreciated!
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Looks fantastic I've always loved the JQ cartoon 🤩
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Me too..... and thanks!
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Wonderful. I was hoping this was for an upcoming Quest reboot.  
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