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Godzilla Gamera Ultraman etc..

By dusty-abell
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Well, here's my notion of the coolest movie ever, if I can just get the respective companies to see the potential in teaming up the greatest heroic characters in Japanese cinema and television for an epic, all out battle with their respective greatest foes. These are the iconic Kaiju and Henshin that I loved watching on TV as a kid and like a LOT of other people always wished that some fantastic peril would befall the Earth requiring all these classic characters to join forces to overcome it. My line up and potential advesaries are-
Godzilla (Gojira) / King Ghidorah
Gamera (friend of children) / Gyaos
Ultraman / Baltan
Giant Robot / Nucleon
Gigantor (Tetsujin 28) / Black Ox
Voltron / Dracatron
King Kong (Kingu Kongu) / Mecha-King Kong
Optimus Prime / Megatron
Brave Raideen / ? any suggestions

I enjoy hearing what you guys think about this silly ass stuff I draw, so if you're inclined, please leave comments, its fun reading em!
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Great stuff! Gigantor was still re-running on KHJ-TV(now KCAL) Ch. 9 in L.A. in the early '70s; that's where I developed my lifelong love of giant robots. Ultraman and Johnny Sokko & His Flying Robot aired on KBSC Ch. 52, too. Independent stations always carried really good shows. Anyway, this really is terrific; I've been a fan of your work for awhile now, and I just wanted to say, "Thanks!"🌞😁

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Hey Dave, thanks...... I think we must have been watching Gigantor and Johnny Socko at the same time...... as well as Speed Racer, Kimba the White Lion, Ultraman, the Three Stooges and the Little Rascals. UHF 52 was the sweet hook up for all that great stuff!

There are some great tributes to Ch. 52 on YouTube, too🌞.

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This would be the best movie EVER!!
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I'd watch it for Keith.
LoneGuy121's avatar
Where the heck is Mazinger Z?
ShadowBoyRyu's avatar
What about Super Sentai/Power Rangers?
Battledroidunit047's avatar
All we need now is Gundam, Mothra, Zilla Jr, and Gypsy Danger.
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Ghidorahnumber1's avatar
Wow, I never thought I would see anyone use the A-Cycle Light Ray Gun in anything.
UltramanZenith's avatar
Also, for Brave Raideen, Gigaru was a pretty tough opponent
UltramanZenith's avatar
Ultraman's arms are in the wrong place. the left arm should be in front of the right.
DVC-Church's avatar
Kong's mecha version has a slightly cooler name. It's actually "Mechani-Kong"
MysteriousTomJenkins's avatar
This is like a giant Avengers/Justice League team. Looks awesome.
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I think the giant robot piloted by Lotor in the Fleet of doom would be a perfect adversary for Voltron.
RyugaSSJ3's avatar
Rockin!!! This is how awesome the classics are.
Mrtrainfreak12's avatar
ah yes all of my favorite heroes!

love Godzilla, Ultraman, raideen, Voltron, Optimus Giant Robo and Gigantor especially as well as the others!
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Technically, if I remember correctly, Optimus Prime and Megatron are not Japanese. They are owned by Hasbro, an American-based company. 
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Cool!!!!Tks for share! =]
WeirdPaperBag's avatar
Isn't America the one that made King Kong?
KenLaber's avatar
Quick!!! Photoshop in Spectreman! Awesome pic...
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