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G I Joe Resolute Tomahawk

By dusty-abell
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Here's another design i did for G I Joe Resolute, which was kind of a redesign of the old Tomahawk transport! Kelsey Shannon laid on the fresh coat of color. They went with a really cool Dan Norton design for the show, i love what he did with the cockpit design on his.
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More like MI-24 Hind to me.

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Great work love the look and design. A real cutting edge attack chopper
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You nailed this version of the G.I. Joe Tomahawk!
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Awesome design. Really creates a sense of impending doom for some poor viper ;)
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Nicely done and most faithful to the source materials.
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Not bad. Cool design for the new Tomahawk.
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Awesome! Better hope Blackout don't come looking for that design though...
Nice idea putting a Rushin Hin-D on Steroids.
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This resolute stuff is great. it would be good if they put everybody's concept art into on big juicy artbook
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Sweet stuff, mi amigo! Man, how's the new job treating you, man?
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Sweet teets you're a MASTER! If I ever conquer the world I'm gonna enlist your aide in vehicle design since I'd just make them look like the thundercats mobile.
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Wow - another killer design. When your is in the thumbnail mode it looks like CG models. Awesome work buddy.
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wow lots of guys on DA did work for gi joe... sweet :P
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Dude! Awesome, are you working on this? or just do a few designs for it, it looks SOooooo cool.

I am jealous. Looks cool to.
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Do all my tech...:)
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