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Classic Star Trek Key

Heres a key to all 123 individual characters, creatures and craft in my Classic Trek poster. Along with thier names, i've included the show titles from the original 79 episodes and the pilot that each person, entity, structure or ship made it's or their first appearance in. I hope this is helpful in identifying anyone you might not recognize.
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How can I buy this? Can I?
I received it and I'm so happy I ordered one.  It's on a thick paper stock and the colors look great.  I do know the episodes, but having the key makes it fun to identify the characters. I love the original Star Trek and this is a great addition to the collection.  The style of your artwork is just so fun to look at and captures the essence of the characters.   And it's so entertaining, to see how it's organized.

I'm having it framed and it goes up for display next week!
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Sweet! Just saw these messages...... hope you're enjoying it up on the wall...wait till you see the Next Generation ones!!!!
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This is fascinating
(Great work!)
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What is that in Scotty's hands?
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Alfa 177 canine From The Enemy Within
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you are insane.... :-)
Where is Lt. Riley?
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He's locked himself up in the engineering section onboard Enterprise!
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Thanks for the key ... I thought #57 was Sylvester McCoy as the 7th Doctor for a minute
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This was such an amazing work! Love the TOS flat, color-saturated lighting you used
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This is not a 'gotcha', but... Where is Commodore Matt Decker? You've got the Doomsday Machine in there, and you've got the wrecked U.S.S Constellation, but no Matt Decker chewing on his floppy disks!

I guess he's piloting the shuttle craft. :D

This is full of awesome. Painstakingly accurate, well-composed, well-rendered awesome. I salute you!
Thank you very much for this work !
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This is amazing! I want this on my wall!

Why no Landru?
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Gary Mitchell is just above Khan Noonian Singh at the lower left.

This is the most amazing Star Trek poster I have ever seen. Thank you so much for making it!
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The Horta is in front of the Rigel VII fortress from The Cage, and right behind Miramanee from The Paradise Syndrome.
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Where's Gary Mitchell!!!???
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The only one I cant seem to find is the Horta from Devil in the Dark
Two Tholian ships directly above the starboard nacelle of the USS Enterprise and port nacelle of the Klingon cruiser. They are beginning the first line of their web.
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Does it make me a hopeless geek that I can identify most of the ships by silhouette alone?
I just looked in your gallery, I don't see the poster in there.
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