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Heres a trip down memory lane for ya! If you're around my age and grew up in the best decade ever to be a kid, the 1970's, you might remember a few of these fellas.

Representing the classic Hasbro G.I. Joe Adventure Team line is bearded eagle eyed land adventurer Joe, Mike Powers the atomic man, Super Joe, the hulking Intruder and the incredibly nostalgic Bulletman, The Human Bullet. Vehicles include the classic 6 wheeled ATV and the versitile Mobile Support Vehicle.

Kenners Steve Austin, Maskatron and the Venus Probe from the Six Million Dollar Man.

Big Jim's P.A.C.K. by Mattel including Big Jim Commander, Dr. Steel, Torpedo Fist, The Whip, Warpath, Zorak the ruler of the Underworld and the sporty LAZERVETTE. Also the man who had the guts to get the job done, Pulsar the ultimate man of adventure!

I love reading comments, so leave em if ya got em!
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No Stretch Armstrong?

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My dude, this image is mad lush! Great use of nostalgia!

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I wish I kept my Bulletman. I broke his hand. 
I had the Bionic man, Maskotron, The Intruder, Bullet Man, Atomic Man and the six wheeled ATV. Who's the guy with the torch in his stomach? gr8 pic btw!
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I was a huge Six Million Dollar Man fan as a kid. I never got the action figure though.
No Bigfoot?
The 6 Million Dollar Man line produced a Bigfoot.
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OMG! So beautiful And so nostalgic I did have Steve Austin and Big Jim among some of these!
great rendition. 
I loved it back then when "action figures" did have actual clothes and were not molded/painted on them.
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This makes me INCREDIBLY nostalgic, Dusty.

Holy Cow, did I love those dolls.
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This I awesome.  I wish it was available as a print.
But my Inner Fan Girl needs to say..
No Darkon or Shield?   For shame!
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Wow, you r the real deal SuperJoe bad, more Joe next time!!!
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 Huge Big Jim fan here. Love seeing the P.A.C.K. and especially the Lazervetter. It's also nice to see the rare Super Joe.  We must be around the same age...LOL.
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LOVED the Pack as a kid, they were all so unique, the Kirby box art, the paw prints on the boots!!! Here's a great blog I just discovered btw for people are age, it's called-    2 warps to Neptune     I think you'll really like it!
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Ahh there were so many awesome action figures  like Big Jim and Major Matt Mason and the Multitude of Mego's. The poster would have to be enormous.
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It sure would, there's so many lines and characters that u could include, and I loved almost all of them!
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MASKATRON was my very own Buzz Lightyear! Thanks for sharing this!
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Yeah he was, glad ya liked it!
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No Captain Action and Dr. Evil?
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I NEVER had those as a kid, I think I just missed them......... I would have loved them though!
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I never had them either. :( I have the comics, though. :)
Oh man outstanding! Like some have posted I owned some of these. Six Million, Bulletman oh for crying out loud making me shed a tear.
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