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Ive been reading the new Thor comics featuring the new goddess of thunder.  She's still new but she seems like an interesting character :)
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Personally, i wouldn't mind if she had the name 'Thordis' kept from the "What-if" comic i researched about.
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so... have they officially requested this one yet or not? lol.

I'm sure you wouldn't be allowed to tell us if they had, but it's still fun to ask 
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Cropped images of this painting are making the rounds now that speculation/rumormongering has begun about a female Thor appearing in the MCU.
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Beautiful job
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This reminds me of older classic art by some famous artist I can not recall right now. Good job. It looks awesome.
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Mmm, Alex Ross, the guy from Crisis in Infinite Earths?
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Wow, this is sweet!
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I am a HUGE Lady Thor/Dr. Jane Foster fan and you captured her beautifully dustspat! OMG Love  She looks so powerful, the details on LT's costume is 'out-of-this-world!' You really paid attention to detail, SUPERB pic dustsplat! Clap 
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It's annoying that they turned Thor into a woman. It reeks of political correctness. Why not create a new character instead of changing an old one? What makes it even worse is that Thor comes from a religion... Imagine the uproar if Muhammed was turned into a woman.

Still, nice piece.
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I don´t like the character but your paint yes.
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Yes! Love it. Great Comic. Good Job Bud. 
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This is just freaking awesome!
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wow. The power. I can almost feel it.
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Absolutely spectacular! She looking brilliantly imposing and powerful~!
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The art is great, I just don't like the idea of "rewriting" iconic characters as female. It gives the impression that feminism is trying to tear down established and well loved character to replace them with their own instead of mustering the creativity to create something new. It's like replacing Joan of Arc with John of Arc. It just does not feel right.
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Absolutely stunning O.O
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