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Red Riding Hood- Reimagined

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Published: April 24, 2007
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Cant really see crap on the preview

finally done with this thing. the assignment was to illustrate a scene from a story of our choosing. i chose the scene when the wolf leads her off to go to "the woods" while he secretly goes off ot grannies.

Got tired of the whole generic look of the story. i mean, c'mon. . the same style of clothing and setting has been done the same way over the years. i made the place more urban and just named it "the woods." plus drawing a bunch of trees wasnt exciting for me.

time it took - 3 weeks of sleepless nights from scratch to finish.

painted completely in photoshopCS2

no ref used watsoever.
just kept painting till it looked right. and trust me. there was a lot of backtracking and undo-ing.

i need to step up my colors. i need to get better. . . .

adjusted the contrast here and there. the first time wasnt the way it was suppose to look like. duno if it was the screen i was looking at or watever. was switching between a mac and PC. ..well. .watever. .
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DavyWagnarokProfessional Digital Artist
This is somethin' else, mate.
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Jon-WoodProfessional Digital Artist
How'd it do?
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windylarryHobbyist Traditional Artist
Nice!!! You are talented sir, I really like this, it would make a good show or something, like your own Alice in Wonderland
DeadlySpec's avatar
I wish I could favourite this again and again and again and again and again....
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TobiusMcKenzieStudent General Artist
I love this piece. I think the overalll concept is really clever, and the designs for the characters and buildings are brilliant. Fantastic work!
xoPumpkinLovexo's avatar
You're work is so inspirational to me. I'm a writer, coming up with a space/sci-fi story; you can imagine your pieces like Naruto Next Gen and this one of course completely set me off.
ciphz's avatar
wow. Like colors.
And the idea. :heart: great job!
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Simply astounding! I wish I had half your talent and hardworkatude! I love the masks on the wolf, does he use some magiky thing to disguise as gramdma? 'Cause I don't think glasses and a dress will work this time 'round. There are so many things to look at and it's all so good! But my favorite part is the little wolf cub on the balcony thing next to the beautiful flowers.

Are "The Woods" an amusement park of some sort?
Letdragon's avatar
Probably the most badass rendition of RRH I've ever seen :D
baka-wallaby's avatar
It's awesome that you 'updated' Red Riding Hood into something so unique and detailed like this.
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MK-DragonProfessional Digital Artist
Whoa... amazing... The details here are incredible, I like it a lot. Awesome job. :D
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fyrefly-nyxaHobbyist Traditional Artist
I REALLY like this. I think it's also interesting because if you look at common interpretations of the tale, "the woods" are supposed to represent, by turns: corruption, adulthood, sexuality, etc. Our modern mindset pictures a forest as a place of nature and are prettiness, almost innocence--but your urban take opens a lot more doors for this kind of interp.

Plus, of course, great detail and skill. Awesome!
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your art reminds me of Guilermo del Toro's (Hellboy) work
jao99's avatar
very good!
very detailed .........
Polterpneuma's avatar
I love the "town-y" feeling in the picture.

It feels crowded and fun!
ExpiredVodka's avatar
infinitely better than any of the conventional Riding Hood illustrations :thumbsup:
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MoriadatHobbyist Artist
This made me stand back and go "Whoooaaah!"
Dimitri86's avatar
I think this may be my favourite piece on Devart, it's really interesting to look at, I wanna know what's around the corners and through the doorways.
xhelloxkittyx's avatar
i was wondering the same thing! i wish this was a series about red riding hood. then we wouldn't have to wonder what was behind the doors and around the corners. <3
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vreeStudent General Artist
Hah. I love the backgrounds.
Makes you wonder what is behind the doors of the Woods...
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DreamOfFireStudent Digital Artist
such a cool picture! so many details and such a unique perspective! go you!!!!!!!
PluivantLaChance's avatar
PluivantLaChanceStudent Digital Artist
u are possibly my most favorite deviantartist ever. keep up the great work.
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