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Modern War Illustration

By dustsplat
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It's been way too long since I have posted anything here. I have been really busy with work.

This is an illustration for a game that the company i work for has released recently. The game is called Modern War and it's a free download for the iphone and pad.

Everything is hand painted. I have handy set of texture brushes that i use to get all the different effects. More control that way

Anyways, i will be sure to post more soon!
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diplo52 Digital Artist
it looks amazing man :)
That looks like it took a long time 2 draw. COOL i like it.  Good job.
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'HOOOAAH!!!'  :thumbsup:  :clap::clap::clap:  :salute::salute::salute:
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Who will win humans or zombie-like mutants in a Futureistic setting
Drains vs Zeplen
take a side at sebastian199
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PrivateAzibHobbyist General Artist
Nice work bro ^_^
Kinda remids me of Battlefield 3...
BETA368's avatar
"Just another day at the office..."
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Love that painting man. Its awsome. And when you have that much armour and abrams tanks behind you, you can walk however you like xD
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rei-baahkHobbyist Digital Artist
Battlefield xDD <33
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TheBeatingHeartFilesStudent Traditional Artist
yes because everyone walks in slo-motion like that lol ..... its a good pic man
SpinosaurusDinosaur's avatar
SpinosaurusDinosaurHobbyist Digital Artist
Holy crap thats awesome!
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Sev808Hobbyist Photographer
This is awesome!
figmentofi's avatar
figmentofiStudent General Artist
*insert Battlefield theme here*

Awesome picture! :D
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Promet-he-us General Artist
Plain awesome. I love the real feeling it got to it with obviously being drawn. May I ask how big the original is? I wonder how large a canvas you have to chose to get that level of detail.

Thank you for showing!

dustsplat's avatar
dustsplatProfessional Filmographer
pretty huge. the reason was so that various other parts of the image, even the tiny parts, could be reused in other media and still have a decent resolution.
Promet-he-us's avatar
Promet-he-us General Artist
I thought so. It must take ages to work on such a huge canvas. The outcome is more than convincing!
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CharochaiHobbyist Digital Artist
This is really nice artwork. Love it.
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I feel like it would be terribley against modern war practices to be holding a handgun in one hand a rifle in the other or to carry your sniper rifle over your shoulder by the bipod. Fantastic work though I love the image, textures and concept.
SkyrimMasterrace's avatar
SkyrimMasterraceHobbyist Digital Artist
couldn't more agree ;)
That Bipod carrying is just meh..

But the rest is just awesome!! :D
careahhh's avatar
Great perspective, really draws me into the scene. I especially like the subtleties like the embers and ash.
Tentor32's avatar
Nice work, man. The guys stance in the foreground makes me think of the cover of MW2, though.
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theanimejumpHobbyist Digital Artist
youuuu aaah 0_________o ... work.. for huge bigo company - !!!!!!!!!!!!! WOWz~! :D As long as your having fun eh ^^
DotWork-Studio's avatar
DotWork-StudioHobbyist Digital Artist
Damn! this is sweet! Well glad to see you are doing fine! :D
dustsplat's avatar
dustsplatProfessional Filmographer
thanks man!
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