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Been working on this on and off to take a break from work stuff.  I think this series should get another shot at a live action adaptation. Maybe a movie for each season? I think it could work.  This is my take on how i think the costume and character should look.  Hope ya like :)
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Though she looks like a dude this is awesome concept

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And drips it, too. Different look, attitude, sensibility, sensuality…

As to the mention of “white washing,” I suspect the vast majority of people using it haven’t meaningfully lived abroad.

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This picture just oozes badassery 😉

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man if you really help out with the new series a lot, it'll turn out great

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I think it just looks PERFECT ! 
Unlike many other comments down there, I'm not going to talk about the "white-washing" (wtf is that term? Seriously), or the "lack of blue in her eyes"...? Pshh. 
Clearly the light and environment doesn't allow us to tell if Korra is whiter than other humans, because there aren't other humans in this image to compare her with, to begin with ! >:) 
The same goes with her eyes, I don't think it's "a shame" that some details here and there are changed. 
This is a great art work that keeps inspiring me every day ! :D
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Yes, she rocks.

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This is the first time I can see Korra with very realistic hair. It looks awesome and you really brought her to life.
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I hightly agree with 18thskaven and MoeMoe-Momo, she looks kinda whiter than she's supposed to be...but that's clearly not what was bothering me :
her eyes.
Korra has clear blue eyes.
Why on earth would you change that !? :/

I know I sound picky here, but eyes color's not just a detail...
She could have been awesome, but here she's just not Korra.
A shame, cause the costume, the posture, the way the water is moving...everything is EPIC !!! 
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As much as id love a live action Korra, it would never happen.
LoK failed as a show, there is a reason why it was pulled from TV and aired online, also, as much as I hate admitting it, she is a pretty terribly written mary sue character.
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Stunning piece! 
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Amazing work! i like the realism. I've seen some of your art on Pinterest before, but finally came across your page. 
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Oh WOW! LOVE this! :heart:
Okay, but why is she whitewashed here? Korra's a very visibly brown girl from one of the darkest races in the Avatar universe. No amount of 'lighting' is just going to wash Korra out like this. It's a real shame because you clearly have a lot of skill that you've worked hard on honing, but the whitewashing really just ruins the piece. =\
that's some awesome Korra art work, do you have any of Asami?
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This is why an artist must aspire to become better. This is a masterpiece!
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So strong, so regal! Yes! Your art is so good. >_< Korra looks so beast!

Dustsplat you should enjoy the title of one of my favorites, cuz there's only two others. So as picky as I am, I think you're amazing. Good job reaffirming the value of your corporeal husk of an atom conglomeration. That's my fancy way of saying "thank you for being you" XD

Also M Shamalan or whatever slaughtered the idea of Avatar movies, right? I never saw his film but I heard it was as terrible as the DBZ adaptation, so yeah... I think you're right that a live action deal would be great, but at the same time in my head it only ever comes out as a B reel crappy 80s effects piece that never does well for its source material.

I believe that LOK should have a real adaptation for like its own plot/movie live action. It would be amazing if done right.

Like maybe an hour and 38 minutes or so that gives us a real nice look at Korra's life, how she tossed herself into the ringer of poverty in Liberty City just to do away with her own internal pains, I mean you could really make some good shit from that kind of a plot... A heavy boxing scene, Fight Club style? Blood, glory... Oh wouldn't that be just so amazing?

I'm biased because I'm bisexual though. I literally own a fan artwork of Korra/Asami holding one another affectionately because I got that giddy over two bisexual main characters... XD

So inclusive much wow

And I've lost track of the point of this post. Except for the main thing: YOUR ART IS WONDERFUL! :D
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This looks MCU inspired. GLORIOUS!
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So beautiful! I love the lighting on her hair, her facial features, the costume redesign - all of this looks amazing.
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love the design and the water so dynamic.
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ooooooooooooooooo this is so well done :3
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Beautiful! Excellent work on the outfit!!
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But seriously I'd love to see TLoK movies. 😄
Would probably watch them over and over again. Haha

Amazing art. ❤
Keep up the goos work. 😊
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