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Environment sketch

By dustsplat
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Here's a concept sketch of an environment with a temple like structure The image doubled as a personal exercise for lighting and color that took a bit more work than anticipated.

Happy New Year folks!
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The lighting and mood are so beautiful, wow !!!
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wonderful and evocative
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shadow and light
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Loved the scale you gave to this piece.
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I like the reflected lighting on that structure in the distance.
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I do love the design of the temple!
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This is great. Really inspiring piece.
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the circular devices on the rooftops is so unique
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jay Bra what the hell???. look just sat it.. you can draw life and get away with it... you're sick in the head...
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It was, ancient Mayan roller-coaster.

Good sketch man! its been like 4 years since your last upload.
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Wao. I mean, that's my reaction to all your work, but... wao.
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This is surprisingly HUGE. Love the scale of that structure in the distance
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obviously thats where you go to fight the next boss D:
amazing job here.
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See, with environment concepts I tend to try and imagine myself in them and to the correct scale. And with this it makes me feel so small, and like some desert wind is whipping thru the spaces between the buildings as I stare up at the temple...

You chose a marvelous color scheme for this too. I really love it.
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Only to fuckin JJ is this considered a "SKETCH"
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Looks awesome man! i wanna assasian creed that shit up!
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Ahaha, best comment I've read in a while :')
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lighting and perspective are spot on ;)
I also like your subtle use of that one textured brush on the tops of some of the buildings in the foreground.
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well more like middleground
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