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this is my version of the avatar and his pals. i kinda did the same thing like my "puffy amiyumi" piece where i just did my own version of em.

Fashion is something that influencs me a lot. especially street fashion. i wanted to draw clothes that looked like they could be real and not too fantastical.

i also wanted each of them to be holding something that represented their element. yes, thats a fan hanging from aang's mouth, toph is holding a rock. y is she flippin the bird u ask? well, she just seemed like the type hu would. katara is holding a bottle of water and zuko has a cigarette.
overall, the image dint really come out the way i wanted. so many thing si couldv changed and done better. but yeah, watever. . . .il do better next time (-~_~-)

colored in painter


made the fan lighter so it can be seen better and fixed this tangent. thankfor pointing it out
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This is pretty awesome!
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Don't go Street on me it's just sad.

But this picture is awesome.
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this just gave you tons of street credit XD
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I have no idea what you're referencing besides Avatar, but it looks so cool!!!!
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Just a head's up, mrpie11 reposted this in his DA account. Wasn't sure if you were aware or not.
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can you link me? i cant seem to find them
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Huh, well THAT'S interesting: their page is gone...
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maybe someone also saw it and reported them.  Thank you though for bringing it to my attention :)
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Toph is wearing shoes. Shoes with intact soles. (looks like that anyway)
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Outstanding piece. This is like Avatar meet Jet sett radio LOL !
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That is so dope
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Reminds me of  the kids off of Batman Gotham knight.
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I really like this but i just dont feel u got the faces very accurate but other than that im pretty sure their personalities match perfectly, good job ^u^
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