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Spumco Scouts

This is my entry in toontown's contest! I'm a huge Ren and Stimpy fan (in case you haven't guessed) and I thought this was hilarious. In my personal opinion, this is one of my best pics ever! I kinda messed up on Stimpy's eyebrows, though XD. But that's okay. Otherwise, I love this pic! I hope you do too!
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whitebunny1063's avatar
Best crossover ever
GalaxyPrincess3's avatar
Sailor Moon and Ren and Stimpy is the Best
Aekamii's avatar
awesome drawing! i use to be scared of this show when iwas litte XD
I don't know whether to laugh hard or to grab the brain bleach...
GoPatchy's avatar
XDDDDD Oh noes! What are they doing? THEY'RE SAILOR SCOUTS! :rofl:
Brilliant!! :+fav:
Lamppuzini's avatar
oh my god, Ren and Stimpy! dog i miss that show.. :heart: i think this is nice picture indeed! i wish i could draw them like that,but i'm trying ... 8D
NatalieTheAntihero's avatar
:wtf: Ren and Stimpy as Sailor Scouts! :XD: That's much too crazy! You did a great job! :D
MysticArk's avatar
Good work! I am a HUGE fan of Ren and Stimpy, because it is one of nickelodeon's old shows!!!
Aubergine-Jeri's avatar
:rofl: :rofl: Ren n' Stimpy the true meaning of dark comedy...yeah...good times, good times.
EmperorNortonII's avatar
Ren n' Stimpy in drag? Too much! :rofl:
shandy's avatar
:lmao: That's too funny. I love Ren's expression!
fairies-r-real's avatar
XD!!! :rofl:

Indeed yours is SO much better than mine n.n Kudos and a :+fav:
DanSchoening's avatar
Great work on getting the models down! Nice work indeed
rabidrabi's avatar
That's freakin awesome you bloated sack of protoplasm.:slow: Man I really dig your style. I just happend across your page from browsing. Have you ever tried to animate some of your characters. You really got the cartoon thing down. Great work
sukaihan's avatar
:rofl: *dies* Omg that's SO brilliant! xD :+fav: Your cartoonism is great...@.@ must watch... :+devwatch:
peoplejustneedtodie's avatar
X :rofl: SAILOR MOON!! Personally... I think Ren & Stimpy look better than the origional characters...

Nice pic!! :rofl:
toontown's avatar
OMG! LOL That's hilarious! I'll save it as I have to start the judging soon...LOL XD
Vanwolf's avatar
YAY! look how cute they are. Going to fight evil like the good lil girl scouts they are. You have to give them some kind of weapon or attack... OH! I know! The could have the power to summon the all might powerful... GIRL SCOUT COOKIES! dun dun dun... Ok so that was stupid... but hey it made you laugh right, right?
Juno-Gemini's avatar
Oh thats just great, I love Ren and Stimpy, I miss the old episodes, this pic brings back so much memorys about it. Nicly done, and great coloring for I can't.
dustindemon's avatar
Yeah. I LOVE the new episodes just as much as the older ones, but I was trying to go for the style of the classics.
Juno-Gemini's avatar
Well you did a pretty good job to me!
insomniahedgehog's avatar
XD *walks over to Magic 8 Ball* Dustin's picture will win.

8 Ball: ......Yes?
melissaduck's avatar
:lmao: That's too freakin' funny! XD You draw Ren and Stimpy very well, too! Great work! :D
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